2020 Mid-Year Working Conference And Team Building Activities

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On August 14-15, 2020, all colleagues of Henan SRON Silo Engineering Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou headquarters gathered together and went to Yuntai Mountain, a national 5A scenic spot, to participate in the mid-year work conference and building activities.

On August 14, all colleagues went to Yuntai Mountain to enjoy the scenery, which is a relaxing mood, improved the team tacit understanding, enhanced team cohesion.

On August 15, all participants in the conference dress uniformly. The department heads were conducted a summary report on the work in the half-year and planned the work tasks and goals for the second half-year.

Marketing department: Although the business was affected by the COVID-19 in the half-year, the marketing team faced up to difficulties and achieved impressive performance. SRON has been entered the supplier list of the LAFARGEHOLCIM Group, other Fortune 500 companies, the World Food and Agriculture Organization, and other government organizations. The international influence of the SRON has been further enhanced, a government-backed enterprise in Lebanon contacted us to discuss the reconstruction plan of the grain storage and transportation system. At present, SRON organizing an expert team to provide 24/7 technical support for Lebanon.

Technical: In the first half-year, under the strategic guidance from technology-driven to R & D driven, the technical engineering department strengthened R & D and technological innovation while completing routine project work. SRON has declared 4 invention patents, 23 utility model and appearance patents; carried out 2 exploratory experimental data research, and has obtained experimental reports and data, which can provide strong data support for future projects.

Talent: SRON has always adhered to the principle of personnel with both ability and political integrity, and introduced first-class technical and business talent.

Since its establishment, SRON has determined to become an industry benchmark enterprise representing China's engineering, technology, and equipment level in the field of bulk storage and transportation engineering. In the second half of 2020, SRON people will make persistent efforts to overcome difficulties, seize opportunities, and making steady progress towards our goals.

Through this conference and team-building activities, SRON people deeply felt the essence of responsibility and trust! We firmly believe that under the proper guidance of the company, all SRON people will unite as one and work side by side to build a brilliant future!