Rotating cement packing machine mainly composed of supporting device, the rotation driven part, material level control mechanism, rotating cylinder part, weighing mechanism, material discharging mechanism, gate control mechanism, etc. BHYW - D series rotating cement packing machine is mainly used for cement bagging, at the same time, it can also used for packaging of other powder, granular materials with good liquidity.

SRON rotating cement packing machine series mainly include four models, six nozzles type(BHYW-6),eight nozzles(BHYW-8),ten nozzles(BHYW-10),twelve nozzles(BHYW-12).

    The features of BHYW-D series packing machine :

  • In addition to the artificial plug bags, the other parts can realize automatically operation.
  • The control system adopts cylinder actuators, so this series can realize no cement leaking when do not plugging bags, and stop filling bags when bags falling accidentally.
  • Add the function of secondary closed gate, ensure the accuracy and stability of measuring (For secondary closed gate can realized filling the bag with both the large flow and small flow, so as to reduce the influence to measuring accuracy from ash impact force before finish bag filling).
  • High bag filling speed and high output.
  • Reasonable structure, easy to maintenance and repair.
  • Adopts microcomputer weigh meter: high measuring accuracy, strong measurement stability.

Parameter Unit Model
Nozzle Quantity Piece 6 8 10 12
Capacity Bag/Hour 1200-1800 1800-2200 2200-2600 2600-3000
Weighing Accuracy 95% Weight Error Margins kg +0.4 -0.2
Qualification Rate of Bag Weight % ≥95
Total Weight for 20bags kg 1000-1004
Rotating Cylinder Outer Diameter mm Φ1560 Φ1750 Φ2090
Maximum Rotation Diameter mm Φ2200 Φ2400 Φ2740
The Distance Between Discharging Mouth and Ground mm 1350
Rotating Cylinder Speed r/min 0-6
Power Voltage V 380±10% AC
Discharging Mechanic Driving Force Motor Model Y112M-4
Power (kw) 4x6 =24 4x8=32 4x10=40 4x12=48
Revolving Speed (r/min) 1440
Rotating Cylinder Drive Variable-Frequency Adjustable-Speed Motor Model YVPE90L-4
Power (kw) 1.5 2.2
Revolving Speed (r/min) 125-1250
Star Cycloidal Pinwheel Reducer model XLDV-4
Speed Ratio 1:43
Air Pressure MPa 0.6-0.8
Dust Collecting Air Volume M3/h >9000 >12000 >18000 >24000
Machine Weight t 4.32 5.2 5.7 6.2
Outline Dimension Length x Width x Height mm 3800x2200x400 4000x2400x4000 4500x2740x4000

Impeller stationary type packaging machine mainly include the machine body, feeding mechanism, control mechanism, the microcomputer weighing mechanism, bag hang mechanism,etc. This type of machine can be not only used for cement packaging, but also for packaging of other powder, granular materials with good liquidity.

    The advantages of impeller stationary type packaging machine:

  • Accurate weighing system, stable performance, simple operation
  • Perfect sealing, reasonable structure and durable
  • Small volume, light weight, easy for adjustment and maintenance
  • Mechatronics, save power ( stationary cement packing machine can achieve automatic functions such as compression and loosen of bags, the closing of the gate, and get off the bags etc., without pneumatic component )
  • Widely used. This type of machine can be not only used for cement packaging, but also for packaging of other powder, granular materials with good liquidity


Impeller stationary type packaging machine series packing machine mainly include four models, a single nozzle (GBD-1),  double nozzles(GBD-2),  three nozzles (GBD-3),  four nozzles (GBD - 4).

Type BGYJ(W)-1 BGYJ(W)-2 BGYJ(W)-3 BGYJ(W)-4
Parameter Data(mm)
A 285 285 285 285
L 848 1211 1710 2060
B 1300 1300 1300 1300
H 1770 1770 1770 1770
L1 580 1050 1650 2000
B1 800 800 800 800
H1 780 780 780 780
B2 710 710 710 710
L2 490 960 1560 1900
n-d 4-φ18 4-φ18 4-φ18 4-φ18
L3 420 748 1270 1638
B3 300 370 370 370
n1-d1 10-φ13 12-φ17 12-φ17 12-φ17
t/h 15 30 45 60

Bagged cement car loader is composed of middle bag unloading mechanism, special chute in end and belt conveyor. After the material been well bagged, the bags will pass the weighing device and then be send to belt conveyor and roller conveyor. According to the truck loading conditions, then the bags will be sent to different truck loading machine by bag separate device and special chute in end. At last loaded on the truck directly.

SRON car loader has the advantages of small labor intensity, less loading personnel, high efficiency, centralized control by packaging workshop.

Parameter Units Data
Loading Machine Model   ZQD100-L1/L
Loading Capacity t/h 100
Adaptive Species 50kg/bag Bagged Materials
Travel Range m 7~11
Maximum Width mm 1500
Feeding Conveyor Belt Width mm 650
Conveying Speed m/s 1
Driving Power kW 3
Discharging Belt Conveyor Belt Width mm 650
Conveying Speed m/s 1
Pitching Angle ° 5~35
Lifting Mechanism Driving Power kW 3
Lifting Speed m/min 8
Head Height mm 1490
Walking Organization Inner Rail Distance mm 1250
Rail Way   P18
Maximum Wheel Pressure kN 12
Running Speed m/min 11.84
Driving Power kW 1.5

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