How does a cement silo work?

Industry Solution

Silo System

 The working principle of cement silo is as follows:

1.Surge bin after fixed by cement bulk cement trucks transport to the site, and then the transfer line of bulk cement vehicle and cement warehouse (cement tank) into the feed pipe, gas pressure with bulk cement vehicle will tank cement to the cement silo (cement tank).

2.In the process of cement to surge bin inside, the vibration of the motor operator or continuous press filter button is attached to the filter bag is shake cement, prevent bunged up bag, blowing up.

3. The warehousing and shortage can be observed through the high and low material levels.

4. When the cement needs to be released, first open the manual discharge valve at the bottom of the cone and then deliver the cement through the cement conveyor. In the process of discharging, if there is an "arch" phenomenon, press the button of the electromagnetic valve of the arch-breaking device in time to blow air, eliminate "arch" to supply material, and ensure the smooth supply of cement.