How to Calculate the Material Volume of Cone Bulk Cement Tank

Silo Types

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Cement tank is a kind of ideal container to store the bulk material, the characteristics of low cost, high-speed construction, good tightness has been preferred by the various production and processing units.

But how to calculate the volume or capacity of the cement tank bulk material is a complex task.

According to the effective storage capacity of the different shape cement tank, give the calculation method of various materials, then on the basis of the user requirement and site to choose the reasonable cement tank shape, combined with the capacity of the material to be stored, the shape and size of the cement tank can be reversed by the formula.

Cement tank can be divided into welding-type and prefabricated(Which is divided into spiral curling Philips silo and corrugated plate assembly);

It is also can be divided into the flattop, conical roof and globe-roof according to the top form; According to the volume can be divided into ordinary type( less than 8000m3 and the large scale cement tank which are above 8000m3);

According to the stored material form can be divided into the granular cement tank and ( such as grain chemical fertilizer, etc), powder cement tank( such as cement, fly ash, slag powder, metal powder, and coal fineness, etc);

According to the discharge method, there are flat base discharge and cone discharge( divided into single-center discharge, multi-point discharge; also can be divided into the material-leading form and inclined plate discharging form), etc.

The volume of the cement tank is generally given by the construction party according to the project planning, production capacity, and site conditions.

Before the specific planning programming, taking account of the total storage capacity requirement and availability site, with appropriate process and determine the appropriate specifications of the silo model.

Therefore, in addition to cement tank form which affects the volume of the cement tank, also the material type and angle of repose. This article is to state the calculation method of cone bulk cement tank.

Cone bottom steel plate silo shape.

The silo capacity calculation is :


In the formula: V1 : Cylindrical part volume
V2: cone roof part
V3: steel silo effective capacity
β:steel silo cone angle

In a word, according to the use requirements and the site actual situation of the construction party, choose a reasonable cement tank; then, according to the storage capacity of the material, through the calculation formula, the dimension of the cement tank is deduced, thus laying the foundation for the next step of the structural calculation.