TGD type belt bucket elevator is a new generation advanced elevator globally.

TGD elevator especially suits for vertical lifting of dry powder material or small granular materials, etc in industries of building materials, metallurgy, chemical, food, electricity industry and others.

It’s an ideal lifting product for the raw material of the NSP cement plant, raw material homogenization silo, cement storage silo.

The performance and characteristics of TDG series chain elevator:

  • High lifting height: highest height of a single machine can up to 100 m.
  • Big capacity: the biggest capacity can up to 950 m3 / H.
  • Materials temperature requirement: up to 120°.
  • The bucket allocation is intensive, continuous materials receipt and continuous materials discharge.
  • Long service life: good reliability, trouble-free time is more than 60,000 hours.
  • low power consumption: save energy consumption by more than 30% compared with chain elevator for its low machine weight.
  • Low maintenance cost: with convenient operating and maintenance and fewer wearing parts, the maintenance cost is reduced by around 80% compared with a normal elevator.
  • With high accuracy design, high strength structure and beautiful appearance


Models Specifications  TGD 315PTGD 315TGD 400TGD 500TGD 630TGD 800TGD 1000TGD 800TGD 1000TGD 1250TGD 1400TGD 1600
Bucket SpecificationsBucket Width(mm)31540040050063080010008001000125014001600
Bucket Volume(dm3)6.61014.51829.337.346.6465872.799114
Bucket Speed(m/s)1.311.51.61.98
Diameter of Cylinder(mm)63080010001250
Theoretical Capacity (m3/h)Space Between Buckets(mm)280111168

NE series chain elevator is a kind of advanced vertical lifting equipment in domestic, which has been widely used to lifting all kinds of material, such as ore, coal, cement, cement clinker, grain, chemical fertilizer, etc. NE series chain bucket elevator mainly composed of operating parts, driving device, the upper device, central casing, the lower unit.

The performance and characteristics of NE series chain elevator:

  • Big lifting capacity: take flow-through feeding type, strategy induction discharge type, and conveying by intensive decorate large capacity hopper, with low chain speed, big lifting capacity range of 15-800 m3 / h.
  • Small drive power: no back and dig phenomenon when lifting the material, therefore less reactive power.
  • Wide lifting range: can lifting powder, granular, lump materials, and material and temperature ≤250 ℃
  • High lifting height: low chain speed, stable operation and adopts the plate chain high strength wear-resistant chain, so lifting height can up to 40 m.
  • Long service life: the service life of the conveyor chain is more than five years.
  • Good reliability: advanced design principles ensure the reliability of the running of the machine. The time between failures is more than 30000 hours.


ModelLifting Capacity (m3/h)Material Max.Lumpiness    
The Percentage(%)

The pneumatic conveying system is a kind of environmental protection and efficient conveying method, which uses airflow as the bearing medium to transport pellet or powder materials under certain conditions.

The pneumatic conveying system is mainly used for medium and short-distance conveying of powder materials, and the density of materials is not more than 2.0.

The system is mainly composed of feeding equipment, conveying pipeline, material gas separation equipment, gas source and purification equipment.

The pneumatic conveying device is divided into three categories: suction (negative pressure) pneumatic conveying device, pressure (positive pressure) pneumatic conveying device and mixed pneumatic conveying device.


  • Large pneumatic conveying capacity, long conveying distance and high conveying speed; it can realize loading at one point while unloading at multiple places. It has reliable leakproofness, and the dust in the pipeline will not leak to the environment;
  • The requirements of equipment manufacturing and maintenance are low, and the operability is strong;
  • Low pressure (vacuum) and high safety;
  • The transportation could be continuous or intermittent, and there is no accumulation in the pipeline;
  • Centrifugal fan and roots blower are used as air source, which has a long service life.

The tube belt conveyor is a special type of belt conveyor developed on the basis of the grooved belt conveyor. It uses several (usually six) rollers to force the conveyor belt to form a tubular and convey various loose materials such as powder, granule or block.

The tubular belt conveyor is suitable for conveying bulk materials with a density of less than 2500kg/m3. The applicable working environment temperature is -25~40 ℃; It can meet the requirements of heat resistance, cold resistance, waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-explosion, flame retardant and other conditions.


  • Sealed conveying of materials can reduce environmental pollution;
  • It can realize turning operation with small curvature radius;
  • The reciprocating operation of the belt can be used to realize two-way conveying;
  • If the tubular belt conveyor is selected, the trestle is not necessary, which saves the trestle cost;
  • Save space, save civil engineering and equipment investment, reduce the fault point and cost of equipment maintenance and operation.

DT Ⅱ type fixed belt conveyor can be designed and calculated according to different terrain and working conditions according to the requirements of conveying process and combined into a whole conveyor. It can be used to transport various bulk materials and finished goods with a loose density of 500-2500kg /m³.

The working environment temperature of the belt conveyor is generally - 25 ~ 40 ℃. For belt conveyors working in a special environment, if it has the requirement for working conditions of heat resistance, cold resistance, waterproof, anti-corrosion, flame retardant, etc., corresponding protective measures should be designed separately.


  • Wide range of conveying materials
  • Large conveying capacity
  • Strong adaptability of the conveying line
  • Flexible loading and unloading
  • Long service life & continuous working time
  • High-security performance
  • Low maintenance cost

Air conveying chute is a kind of pneumatic conveying equipment for conveying dry powder materials.

The main component of the chute is the air-permeable layer, which is made of PETS-6 (polyester) synthetic fiber fabric. It is a new type of air-permeable layer. It has the advantages of high-temperature resistance (up to 150 ℃), corrosion resistance, wear resistance, low moisture absorption, lightweight, smooth surface, and long service life.

Chute is widely used in conveying materials because it has no rotating parts, easy to maintain, good sealing, no noise, safe and reliable operation, less power consumption, convenient to change the direction of conveying, and can feed and discharge materials at multiple points.

Conveying material: dry powder material with water content ≤ 1% and temperature ≤ 150 ℃


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