Tanzanian Ambassador to China visited SRON

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October 17 morning, Tanzanian Ambassador to China Mr. Mbelwa Kailuki and Consul Mr. Saidi Massaro arrival at SRON Company To visit.

Wen Peng, general manager of the SRON company with the company executive team together on behalf of a warm welcome to Mr. Mbelwa Kailuki and Consul Mr. Saidi Massaro, introduced the basic situation of SRON. Subsequently, the company's core management, and technical personnel with the ambassador and his party held a forum for in-depth talks on the SRON developments and future cooperation plans and Tanzania and briefed the Ambassador in recent years on the focus of the company's technical innovation, patent research, and development, the results achieved in the international market business development.

Wen Peng said the company has been to establish SRON international industrial brand in the field of bulk handling for the vision, adhere to the technology and development, with credit extension market, to offer the world in the field of bulk material handling industry grain, cement, etc. safe, reliable, advanced technology, bulk handling system solutions and outfit EPC general contracting services. The company now has mature technology and an improved production and processing base, with the ability to provide high-quality bulk handling solutions for docks, factories, grain storage, and other countries, with many countries, and has been the head of the enterprise to achieve cooperation. In the future, the SRON will unswervingly carry out R & D and innovation, focusing on scientific management and optimize the company's production model so that the SRON becomes the world's leading bulk handling engineering firm.

Mr. Kailuki expressed a high degree of recognition and praise aspects of the SRON of technical capabilities, company culture, with the concept of international cooperation and development strategy, he suggested that Tanzania attaches great importance to exchanges and cooperation with China in recent years, the overall development of the domestic economy in Tanzania momentum is good, there are vast needs in terms of storage and transport of bulk materials, the SRON in bulk storage and transportation of experienced and specialized technical fields have exactly the Tanzanian people need, he believes the industry is bound to do the SRON Tanzanian domestic economy and help play a complementary role.

Mr. Massaro introduced the current economic situation and market demand in the forum, represents the SRON will be the Tanzanian embassy in priority cooperative enterprises, and from communication channels, the national policy concessions many provide real support to the wing, hoping to reach real cooperation with the wing as soon as possible.

Finally, the ambassador said the visit very fruitful, very grateful to the company's SRON reception, so that they realize that China has one of the best Companies, Mr. Ambassador said that they are ready and the SRON of the company to fully cooperate with the latter will do everything possible to assist in providing all kinds of information related to cooperation needed, Tanzanian Embassy as soon as possible so that the SRON for powerful, practical things to do, a responsible corporate recommended to Tanzania and other African businesses more partners, to promote bilateral cooperation to benefit the two peoples. Mr. Kailuki willing to this visit as an opportunity to continue to maintain communication with the real depth of the wing, with the most market-friendly cut into Tanzania’s SRON, the most immediate help.

Wen Peng thanked the Tanzanian ambassador and his guidance and support, and said SRON was very willing to enter the Tanzanian market and more countries in Africa, the SRON will uphold our consistent development, the idea of ​​cooperation, willingness to use better technology more outstanding projects and more African countries and friendly cooperation and achieve a win-win situation. Will soon be through in-depth exchanges and field trips, collaboration exchanges carried out on the basis of clear development needs of both enterprises and Tanzania point on, we believe that the SRON will be able to work with Tanzania and the African partners to create a more prosperous future.