Cement Steel Silo Homogenization Discharging Instructions

Silo Types

Silo System

Raw material silo, cement silo, fly ash silo, stone powder silo, coal powder silo, etc., as stored powder material is affected by moisture and adsorption between the particles, the steel plate on the material Homogenization and Storage functions have been significantly reduced in the actual production process, specifically performs stickiness, pulling core, collapse, and too large difference between theoretical capacity and the actual capacity, which caused a great impact on the production process. In some companies which produce steel silos, the material discharging is not normal; some discharging rate even up to less than 70%.

SRON Steel Silo Company based on this reality, through continuous research and practice on cement silo homogenization and discharging, we have achieved significant technical and economic results; our cement silos inflation system has been widely used currently.

Inflation system mainly composed of the Roots blower (we do not use the air compressor. Because air source of air compressor can bring moisture, is not conducive to cement activation, easy to caking; power consumption is bigger, increase investment), and electric control box, electric butterfly valve, inflatable box, inside and outside the pipeline and other accessories.

1. Aeration box, breathable layer

Aeration box is the cement industry pneumatic homogenization device, which is used for silo inside feeding or stirring the powder material, suitable for various kinds of the raw material silo, storage silos, and hybrid homogenization silos, with the advantages of simple structure, reliable performance, no noise, easy maintenance.
When the inflatable box is placed in the silos, it principally requires a big enough actual arrangement area of the total area, the number of the inflatable boxes is based on the actual situation, inflatable box slope can also be selected according to specific circumstances, suggested in 6 ° ~ 26 °.

  1. dry powder material, allowing the surface moisture less than 1%;
  2. breathable performance: less than 3m3 / m2• min;
  3. wind pressure: 0.07Mpa;
  4. breathable layer resistance: less than 1200pa;
  5. the breathable layer of material: synthetic fiber mixed polyester breathable layer;
  6. strict and accurate calculation, cement steel silo effectively inflatable area.

2. Roots blower

Roots blower is the main gas source of air homogenization (only use Roots blower, no using air compressor, save investment, reduce power consumption, and effectively prevent air compressor air source enter into the cement steel silo, preventing cement caking, improve the cement quality) wind pressure of 0.07Mpa, the amount of air is decided by the specific process.

3. Electric butterfly valve

The electric butterfly valve is rotated through the spool, in turn, assign the air which is sent by a fan to the various outlet through the rotary spool and obtain regular quantitative compressed air, then send to various homogenization areas through the pipeline(with inflatable box) in turn, so that the powder is homogenized.