SRON 2021 Spring Festival Gala

Feb 10, 2021Keywords: SRON 2021 Spring Festival Gala

Exquisite Rats farewell to the old year, Golden Bulls came to the ground. Looking back on 2020, we will be in the same boat and overcome obstacles; looking forward to 2021, we are full of hope and passion. On February 5th, Henan SRON Silo Engineering Co., Ltd. held the 2021 Spring Festival Gala and New Year’s New Project Signing Ceremony with the theme of “Building the future with one heart, SRON 2021 will be more exciting”. All employees attended this annual event.

Summarize the past and look to the future

After the host’s passionate opening speech, Mr. Wen Peng, general manager ofSRON Silo Engineering Company, took the lead to make a 2020 summary for everyone, and clarified the company’s strategic plan and goals for 2021.
Mr. Wen Peng said that 2020 is a difficult year for all walks of life in all aspects of industry, and it is no exception for SRON, which is in the industrial engineering industry. But for SRON, 2020 is also a year of both challenges and opportunities. We adjusted our operational thinking and direction in time, moved forward pragmatically, and achieved fruitful results in the context of the epidemic and the dual cycle economic condition:
In terms of foreign cooperation, the company officially became the vice chairman unit of the Henan Chamber of Commerce of the China Chamber of International Commerce; became the governing unit of the Henan Branch of the China Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries; ambassadors of many countries visited our company for friendly visits and promoted project cooperation; and many well-known domestic and foreign units Established a cooperative relationship; during the severe epidemic period, SRON reached out to overseas customers to overcome the difficulties and donated a total of 40,000 anti-epidemic masks to overseas customers twice.
In terms of qualification certification, the company successfully passed the national high-tech enterprise certification; passed the ISO three system certification; passed the national intellectual property management system certification; passed the German TUV certification; passed the Lafarge company supplier qualification review.
In terms of scientific and technological research and development, SRON has initiated and completed 3 scientific and technological projects and applied for 33 patents, of which 27 utility models have been authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office, and 4 invention patents have passed substantive examination; several senior engineers and Industry experts joined the company's talent team, and SRON's technical team was further optimized.
In terms of project implementation, SRON has overcome many difficulties at home and abroad, and has completed the design, supply and construction of more than ten projects, and the company's performance has achieved contrarian growth.
President Wen once again interpreted and led everyone to review SRON’s mission, vision, and values at the annual meeting, and emphasized that every SRON person should keep SRON culture in mind, move forward bravely, and strive to develop SRON into an international bulk storage. International engineering company with good industry reputation and reputation in the field of transportation and a respected international industrial brand.
Looking forward to 2021, SRON hopes that all colleagues will "go forward with courage and forge ahead" to jointly raise SRON's market performance, technical strength, and company management to a new level, and provide customers with more professional quality, representing China's engineering technology, equipment manufacturing and Project general contracting service of engineering management level.
Finally, President Wen sent all his colleagues a happy New Year wish, wishing all SRON people a happy family, good health and all the best.

Model power, shining forward

The star-studded commendation event is the best affirmation and encouragement for SRON's hard work. At the beginning of the new year, the elites of the business department brought good luck to the new year of SRON and successfully signed the first project in 2021, with a total amount of more than 2 million US dollars! President Wen personally handed out the lottery bonus on the spot! The commended colleagues stated that they will work harder in the future. As the company's vanguard, they must set an example for the company's employees and make greater contributions to the company's development. Awards are being presented on the stage, and the elites of SRON's various department are also gearing up, vowing to strive for success in the new year, learn from and surpass the example around them!

Entertaining games and exciting program

The company has prepared rich and generous prizes for everyone. The lottery draw process runs through the party, which is both joyful and exciting. The winning friends rushed to the stage happily, holding the prizes, with happy smiles on their faces.
Amidst the sound of cheering, the interspersed mini-party games ignited everyone’s laughter time and time again. The SRON’s members who played games together competed fiercely, with laughter close to their ears, pushing the atmosphere of the party to a climax.


In a warm and joyful atmosphere, SRON's 2021 Spring Festival Annual Meeting and New Year New Project Signing Ceremony came to a successful ending. Grateful for 2020, we work together to meet the challenge and overcome the difficulties! Looking forward to 2021, we will forge ahead with a heart of effort, and create brilliant together with a cohesive heart!
SRON wishes all leaders from all walks of life, customers, partners, friends and family members who care about SRON, support and help SRON, a happy family, all the best, and best wishes in the Year of the Ox!

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