Nosie Control of Dust Collector

Silo Types

Silo System

Various types of dust collecting equipment are one of the major sound sources in cement production, they are characterized by wide distribution, multiple points, and high position, the sound propagates a far distance. Its noise characteristics include electromagnetic noise, mechanical noise, and aerodynamic noise, its source strength is generally 90~105 Db, so the pulse dust collector is one of the key parts of noise control in cement plants. These are the control measures.

(1)Add an air silencer at the air outlet of the original dust collector, so as to eliminate the aerodynamic noise of the air outlet.

(2)Dust collector pulse noise control: Install the dust collector pulse acoustic shield at the dust collector pulse.

(3)Install the absorbing and sound insulation acoustic shield on the dust collector fan and electric motor. The absorbing and sound insulation acoustic shield has the function of lighting, ventilation, and heat dissipation.