Precautions for air slide in cement transportation

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The first choice for feeding and discharging delivery of cement is air slide, it has many advantages: there are no transmission parts, less abrasion, durable, easy inspection, and maintenance, save costs, making no noise during running, low power consumption, safe and reliable, less dust. However, there are some problems that should be paid attention to when using air slides.

  1. The breather layer must be tight. If the ventilation layer is loose, it will cause large deformation of the ventilation layer, the relative space of the material groove is reduced, and the flowing resistance of the material is increased, resulting in blocking.
  2. Select the moderate performance breathable material. Canvas is highly breathable, resulting in material goes up and down in the groove, difficult to flow, while the Inflatable pressure can’t be able to transport far. Poor breathability breather layer results in difficulty to forming flow state of material inside air slide, the materials are also difficult to flow. At present, we use a polyester fabric, the effect is good, it is suitable for cement transmission.
  3. Avoid the entry of large lump material during transportation. Because the airflow can't make large lump material to be suspended state, cause difficulty flowing forward and result in material blockage. The test result shows that if the material particle is bigger than 20mm, the possibility of blockage is highly improved. Therefore, impurities must be strictly controlled not to enter during running.air tube
  4. Prevent air slide from leaking. If leaking, it will cause airflow short circuit, resulting in wind pressure declined, and the cement is difficult to form floating flow. if the upper shell leaking, a large amount of ash spray, easy to find and maintain. But if it is lower shell leaking, difficult to find out. Therefore, the maintainer should inspect the tank periodically,weld immediately Once find leaking.
  5. Strictly control the material flow during transport. If the instantaneous flow is too large, the material is difficult to flow and causes blockage. If blocking, stop feeding immediately and keep on blowing, and use a small hammer to beat the Blocking section at the same time, cause some shock to help transport. Avoid overexerting when beating, which may result in tank deformation and increase the resistance when material goes through, more probable to block.
  6. Regularly remove the lower shell at the end of the air slide, Idle blowing, make the accumulation of materials in the ventilation channel come out. As running for a long time, a small amount of cement may enter the ventilation channel from the breather layer, when the leakage material accumulates to a certain extent, it will cause the lack of wind pressure at the discharge end and result in blocking.