Engineers Team

SRON spend the most effort to find the best talents engineers, most of our engineers have rich experience working in cement plant design institute, power station design institute, China top cement plant and the license of middle and senior engineer.

Start from primary project feasibility study, project configurations, land buying, financial work and ends at project building and operation, our engineers and people be with you to provide the matching solutions and advise.

Technology is the core competitiveness of SRON.

  • Peter Wen

    Chief Engineer

    Verify of project solution for structure, flow design, electrician and mechanical

    National Grade One Senior Engineer

  • Jim Lee

    Chief Flow Engineer

    4 years experience in China cement design institute, 3 years experience in China No.1 Jidong Cement Plant

    National Grade One Senior Engineer

  • Hongyu Zheng

    Chief Structure Engineer

    Master Degree of Civil Engineering

    Grade Two Structure Engineer

  • Jiujun Liu

    Chief Civil Engineer

    Master Degree of Civil Engineering, Working Experience in Civil Engineering for Silo, Building, Tower, Bridge

    National Grade One Senior Engineer

  • Angel Wang

    Chief Electrician Engineer

    Master Degree of Electric Engineering

    Master Degree of Mechanical Engineering

  • Jackie Chen

    Project Manager

    6 years experience of site working for cement plant and power station installation

    Grade One Construction Engineer


Technology is the core competitiveness of SRON.

We has a long term cooperation with‘China National Building Materials Group Co., Ltd.’,  ‘Hefei Institute of Physical Sciece,Chinese Academy of Sciences’, ‘Tianjin Academy of building material Sciences’ and ‘Henan Building Material Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd.’,and Organize regular technical exchanges. 

  • China National Building Materials Group Co., Ltd.

  • Hefei Institute of Physical Science Chinese Academy of Sciences

  • Henan Building Material Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd.

  • Tianjin Academy of building material Sciences