Engineers Team

SRON spares no effort to develop the best engineers. Our engineers all have intermediate or senior titles, and most of them have rich work experience in cement design institutes, power plant design institutes and China's top cement plants.

From initial project feasibility analysis, project configuration, land planning, financial accounting to project construction and project operation, our engineers will provide you with the most reasonable solution.

Technology is the core competitiveness of SRON.

  • Engr. Yang Gongxiao

    CE, SN ENGR, Primary Registered Construction Engineer, SN Expert

    With more than 20 years of experience in technology development and engineering management, Engr. Yang is proficient in process and structure calculation of silo system, and has unique opinion on project management. And he has the brilliant ability to control the project from the beginning of design to the end of completion, with a high skill level and strong ability to organize, coordinate and manage all aspects of the project.

  • Engr. Li Yongxiang

    Electrical engineer, Grade I constructor

    Proficient in electrical design, installation and commissioning of silo projects.Responsible for many international projects in charge of electrical and automatic control.Have rich experience in equipment automation and intelligent commissioning construction

  • Engr. Li Erhang

    Chief structural engineer, Senior engineer, National Certified First Class Structural Engineer

    Li ErHang, graduated from Central South University, then gain the structural engineering master from Harbin Institute of Technology. Li has 11 years of professional design experience, proficient in all kinds of structural design work, with rich experience in structural design and construction, familiar with structural design specifications. He worked in China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd. for a long time, once participated in the design and construction management of many civil and industrial large steel structure projects, and has rich experience in structural design and calculation.

  • Engr. Li Zhigang

    PM, SE, Primary Registered Construction Engineer, SN PM

    Graduated from Henan University of Technology, Engr. Li has in-depth research on the process of receiving, cleaning, drying, transporting and storing for grain materials. Engr. Li has engaged in the process design and project implementation of grain storage project and drying project for a long time, already got rich experience in the design, construction and commissioning of grain storage project.

  • Engr. Zhu XiaoSheng

    Master degree, intermediate engineer, structural engineer

    Over the years, he has participated in dozens of structural engineering projects as the project principal, having rich experience in the design, manufacturing and r&d of drum structure, be proficient in the mechanical analysis and design calculation of various steel structures and the finite element analysis and calculation of silo structure, and having solidprofessional basic knowledge and high design level

  • Engr. Du Zhiqing

    Process Engineer of Grain Storage and Transportation, SN ENGR, Primary Registered Construction Engineer, SN Expert

    As the project manager since 2006, Engr. Du has been engaged in the process design and project management of grain engineering projects for many years. As the Principal of design, construction and commissioning, he has participated in more than 20 large and medium-sized grain projects. With a lot of experience in design, installation and commission of large and medium-sized grain projects, Engr. Du used to be the director of the Design Institute of Henan University of Technology.

  • Engr. Dong Mengjie

    Structural Engineer

    Over the past ten years, he has been engaged in structural Design work for international petrochemical projects, including NASA Initial EPCM Project, Hebron Detail Design Project, Halfaya Oilfield Ground Engineering Phase III CPF3 Project in Iraq, EPC for BAB Integrated Facilities Project (BIFP) for WorleyParsons and PetroChina Beijing Design Branch. Highly valued by the owners and the company.

  • Engr. Sun Kejie

    Electromechanical engineer, project manager

    For more than ten years, he has been engaged in the implementation of international mechanical and electrical engineering projects.Has rich professional experience in project design, procurement, processing, installation, equipment commissioning and acceptance, and site construction management. He has implemented a number of international mechanical and electrical engineering projects in Indonesia, Iran and India. He had in-depth project cooperation with SINARMASGroup, GAMAGROUP, MAKINGROUP and other international enterprises, and are highly appraised by partners and owners

  • Engr. Yuan Jibin

    Intermediate Engineer, Senior Project Manager

    Yuan Jibin, engaged in silo engineering system construction for many years, independently led dozens of silo engineering system construction projects as project manager. Yuan has rich experience in the installation, construction and maintenance of silo engineering system, proficient in the project management, and has excellent experience and emergency handling ability in site construction management.

  • Engr. Zhao Qiaoyi

    Food Storage and Transportation Process Engineer, Intermediate Engineer, National Certified First Class Constructor

    Zhao Qiaoyi, graduated from Zhengzhou Grain College, major of food science and engineering. Zhao has worked for nearly 20 years in grain and oil engineering design, manufacture and installation, with a deep understanding of grain and oil manufacturing engineering. Zhao participated in a number of large domestic grain and oil construction projects and the ports grain storage projects, with rich experience in process design and calculation.


Technology is the core competitiveness of SRON.

We has a long term cooperation with‘China National Building Materials Group Co., Ltd.’, ‘Hefei Institute of Physical Sciece,Chinese Academy of Sciences’, ‘Tianjin Academy of building material Sciences’ and ‘Henan Building Material Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd.’,and Organize regular technical exchanges.

  • China National Building Materials Group Co., Ltd.

  • Hefei Institute of Physical Science Chinese Academy of Sciences

  • Henan Building Material Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd.

  • Tianjin Academy of building material Sciences