Slag powder is milled from slags from steel plant or mineral processing plant. It is important additive used for cement, concrete and construction industries. Its storage requires high strictness of sealing, silo solidity and scientific arrangement of aeration system ensuring smooth and high rate unloading.

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Slag Powder Silo Introduction

Slag powder silo or slag storage tank is specially used to store slag. SRON’s slag steel silo is made of superior quality double-side galvanized steel sheets with spiral folding machines. Spiral steel silo is the best steel structure for slag powder storage. It can be built on-site by our professional construction team.

Be your slag powder silo system used for processing workshop, transit center, concrete batching plant or others, our expertise experienced team will furnish you professional practical solution while considering your special requirement of investment, available land, local geographic and climate situations.

Slag Powder Silo component

And the Slag powder silo system generally includes: slag powder bucket elevator feeding system, silo aeration system, slag powder discharging system, bulk truck loader system, bag packing system, packed bag palletizer or truck loading system, dust collector system, PLC control system, and related steel structures and platforms with details as following shown.


  • Bucket Elevator Feeding SystemBucket Elevator Feeding System
  • Pneumatic Feeding SystemPneumatic Feeding System
  • Silo Aeration SystemSilo Aeration System
  • Silo Discharging SystemSilo Discharging System
  • Bulk Truck Loading SystemBulk Truck Loading System
  • Dust Collector SystemDust Collector System
  • Bag Packing SystemBag Packing System

Steel silo for slag storage advantages:

  1. 1.Low investment: Compared with reinforced concrete silo, the total cost of spiral steel silo is 30%-50% lower. And we guarantee high quality meanwhile.
  2. 2.Wide range of manufacturing sizes: The capacity of each silo can be from 50 ton to 15,000 ton. All of our steel silos are in cylinder shapes, their diameter can be from 3 meters to 30 meters. Slag steel silo can meet the requirements of different clients with loading complete accessories and functions. Different capacities and sizes ensure our slag storage silos to fit for different scale of plants.
  3. 3.Moisture-proof and anti-corrosion: The steel silo itself adopts high quality galvanized steel sheet to protect it from both moisture and corrosion. The edge of spiral silo is five times thick than that of silo shell. No leakage of powder, even air.
  4. 4.Professional construction team: Our construction team can provide technical guidance and inform customers some matters needing attention in the application process of slag storage, so as to provide you the most perfect service.
  5. 5.Outstanding after-sales service: Flyer provides 1-year free maintenance after the project is delivered. We guarantee a timely reaction for arriving at the scene in 36 hours after receiving feedback. Besides, if you have any problems in slag silo cleaning, we can offer you free guidance.

Slag Storage Silo Construction

  1. 1.Choose flat ground as construction platform for slag silo, including the silo's main structure, steel frame, steel column and connection machine.
  2. 2.Set up the forming machine, bending machine and the supporting frame horizontally.
  3. 3.Put the coil into the forming machine.
  4. 4.With the bending machine bending bite into the spiral rib 5 times the thickness of the silo body.
  5. 5.When the silo height reaches 2m, use automatic cutting machine to cut silo body top in horizontal.
  6. 6.Install the silo roof.
  7. 7.Keep constructing the silo body using bending and forming machines to the designed silo height.
  8. 8.According to the drawings of reinforcing ribs, weld them in the inner silo wall. (This step is constructing at the same time of step 8)
  9. 9.Use the cutting machine cut the silo body bottom plate in horizontal.
  10. 10.Reverse rotation silo to silo foundation plate, fall to the embedded steel part.
  11. 11.Connect the reinforcing rib and the embedded part, and complete the rooting work

Slag Storage Silo Why Choose SRON

For Slag Storage Silo In China, SRON is an ideal choice. we has been appraised as Member of China steel silo industry, research center of bulk cement equipment industry and qualified contractor for China National Reserve. Further with our advanced manufacturing craftsmanship and deep experience, SRON has been appointed Contractor for China Bulk Cement Silo Association. What’s more, SRON is China Leading turn-key solution contractor for bulk material storage technology silo system and high strength steel structure.

Each of SRON project is a turn-key solution. Our experienced engineers team will be beside with you to design and construct the most suitable, dependable and economical project through the whole process of project feasibility study, analysis, construction, maintenance and operation. 

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