Concrete Silo System Solution Supplier

Concrete Silo System Solution Supplier


Storage Material: Coal, Cement, Clinker, Fly Ash, Lime, etc.

Storage Capacity: Max. 200,000 Tons

Silo Diameter: Max. 75m

Application: Used in Coal Mine, Thermal Power, Metallurgy, Building Materials, Grain and Other Industrial Systems.

Silo Bottom Type: Flat Bottom


Storage Material: Coal, Cement, Clinker, Fly Ash, Lime, etc.
Storage Capacity: Max. 200,000 Tons 
Silo Diameter: Max. 75m
Application: Used in Coal Mine, Thermal Power, Metallurgy, Building Materials, Grain and Other Industrial Systems.
Silo Bottom Type: Flat Bottom 

Since SRON developed industrial bulk storage silos, we have built projects in more than 30 countries and regions, including Russia, the United States, Indonesia, Malaysia, Kenya, Mongolia, Philippines etc., with more than 900 sets of storage silos and up to 3 million tons of material storage ability. Whether your storage needs are large or small, SRON will provide you with high-quality design, quotation and construction advice.

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Concrete Silo Introduction

The cast-in-place reinforced concrete silo is a traditional and mature silo type, which is widely used in coal, mining, thermal power, metallurgy, building materials and other industrial systems. The main structure of the silo is a reinforced concrete structure, the roof of the silo is a reinforced concrete conical shell top cover, the wall of the silo is a reinforced concrete wall, the underground transportation corridor is a reinforced concrete structure, and the trestle above the silo is a steel structure. The maximum diameter of the concrete silo can reach to 75m, and the height can reach more than 50m.

concrete silo

SRON is a recognized leader in China in the design and construction of reinforced concrete silos. Whether you store coal, clay, lime, sand, cement or other aggregates, our technical engineers can help you design the best solution to ensure the safe and economical construction of your concrete silo to maximize benefits.

Features of SRON Concrete Storage Silo

1.Durable, long service life, generally more than 50 years;

2.Small area and high land utilization rate;

3.For concret silo the thick silo wall, the heat insulation and heat preservation performance are good, and the material is less affected by the external temperature difference, so it is suitable for long-term storage;

4.Concrete silo can realize self-discharge, most of the bulk materials can flow into the vehicle by their own gravity, reduce equipment loss and save power cost;

5.Concrete silo is convenient for mechanized loading and unloading, saving manpower and management cost;

6.Less maintenance and low maintenance cost.

concrete silo construction

Why Choose SRON Concrete Silos?

1. Our salesman will communicate with clients in time, understand their needs, and convey clients’ requirements to engineers 

2. Our professional engineers design the most reasonable storage scheme for clients concrete silo system according to their budget and size, and change according to their requirements. 

3. If the client is expanding the existing project, we will merge the new storage silo into the existing facility to save the client's investment to the greatest extent. 

4.  At the project site, we will send the company's project manager to guide the installation and commissioning, communicate with the clients face-to-face on the project progress and respond to the clients’ requirements in a timely manner.

5. We provide efficient concrete silo construction progress, well-trained construction personnel and professional equipment.

6. We will send a full-time safety officer on the project site, committed to providing a safe workplace for our employees and clients. 

Global Cases of SRON Concrete Silo Construction

In 2021, our company signed a contract with Pakistan Thar Coalfield for concrete silo with intelligent and quantitative loading station project, which is composed of 2 sets of 1000t coal concrete silo, rapid quantitative loading system, conveying trestle and other related supporting systems.
SRON is responsible for the overall engineering design, equipment supply and construction guidance of the project. Currently, the project has been successfully accepted and handed over to the owner for full production. After the project is put into operation, the transportation efficiency of raw coal is greatly improved, with the output up to 50,000 tons/day, which can supply four power plants with 13,000 tons of coal consumption at the same time.

The whole line of belt conveyor construction adopts the fully closed coal conveying trestle and sets up steel beam, which is ladder shaped and progressive connected to the coal silo. Automatic spraying and sprinkling dust removal devices are set along each node of belt conveyor, and closed cover is adopted at each transfer point, so as to prevent dust spillover and diffusion in the process of coal transportation, and effectively eliminate coal dust pollution of the surrounding environment from the source. The new loading station system project is also an important construction project. The whole project has a high degree of mechanization and automation, which can effectively reduce the labor intensity of personnel, simplify production links and improve work efficiency.

concrete silo with truck loading system

During the concrete silo construction, the team of SRON overcame the adverse factors such as tight time, heavy tasks and harsh natural environment; we strictly controlled the quality, and cooperated closely with the owner and the construction unit. While ensuring the construction quality, we effectively saved the construction cost, and created the maximum economic and environmental benefits for the owner.

As the leading EPC contractor of bulk material storage and transportation projects in China, Henan SRON Silo Engineering Co., Ltd. is committed to providing complete equipment system solutions and EPC general contracting services for bulk material storage and transportation industries. SRON integrates design, processing and manufacturing, construction and installation, technical services and other advantages, in the future, SRON will further consolidate the advantages and innovative development to create the greatest economic benefits for each owner.

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