Big Span Warehouse

Brief introduction of Big Span Warehouse

Big Span Warehouse is widely used for storage of big quantity bulk materials like coal, clinker, and other metallurgical materials in the field terminals, thermal power plants, coal yard etc, and has the advantages of large storage capacity, small loss of multi-material storage, small invalid area of the yard blocks and land saving.


Big Span Warehouse has many advantages, shown as follows

First, Big Span Warehouse covers a small area and uses less amount of earth and stone, improving the utilization rate of the site.

Second, Big Span Warehouse is a completely closed structure, so the material in the stockyard will not be affected by external environmental factors. Uniform feeding avoids material blocking and ensures the stable operation of material conveying system. 

Third, during the construction of Big Span Warehouse, large stockyard equipment can be set up. The equipment should have advanced and reliable characteristics, meet the needs and standards of automation development, realize whole-process control objectives, and reduce consumption of human resources. 

Fourth, Big Span Warehouse is completely closed, so it avoids internal pollutants of the stockyard polluting outdoor environment, meets environmental protection standards, and gradually achieves environmental protection development goals.


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