Solid Silo Structure


A silo structure is high pressure bearing building structure which must be seriously.that must be seriously designed to resist extreme conditions and stand safety. SRON is China Licensed Company for Heavy Structure Design and Construction. And silo structure design is life long responsibility.
When design the silo structure, the main loads are :
Permanent loads: such as structural own weight, weight of the fixed equipment (excluding equipment start-up loads)
Variable loads: such as storage load, dust load, silo top live load, wind pressure load, snow load, temperature effects and the maintenance load etc
Dynamic load: like the vibration load caused by equipment running
Seismic activity:

For the silo structure calculation, must sum up all might be same time occurring loads, arrange respective load effect combination based on structure extreme load limit and extreme load limit during application, and use their worst combination for calculation. For the ultimate limit state calculation, should combine load basic combinations or accidental load combinations.
The silo structure design loads during storage are:

  • Horizontal load acting on steel silo wall
  • Vertical friction acting on steel silo wall
  • When without wind pressure combination by formula
  • Vertical load acting on steel silo bottom
  • Materials load at static state
  • Dynamic load during the unloading process
  • Fluidized load on silo wall and silo bottom under high speed pneumatic feeding condition

Finite Element Analysis by SAAP2000
SRON provide SAAP 2000 or Staad PRO finite element analysis for calculation support book of our silo structure, and foundation drawing as per requirement.

  • Strong Ring Beam
  • Inside Vertical Stiffener
  • Outside Stiffen Ring
  • Solid Silo Structure
  • Solid Cement Silo System
  • Solid Spiral Silo Structure

SRON Shoulders Life Long Responsibility for Our Silo Structure Solidity and Safety.