Bolted Steel Silo

Bolted Steel Silo


Bolted steel silo is a new type silo which can be used after modular processing and molding, and then transported to the construction site, assembled and linked with bolts.

Widely used in building materials, port, chemical industry, grain, feed, flour, oil, brewing and other industrial fields.


We use ANSYS, STAAD and other structural calculation software to simulate and optimize the design of the large assembly steel silo, and calculate the internal force effect of bolt joints and envelope values on the joints. Using ANSYS, STAAD and other structural calculation software to verify the derivation of the calculation results, according to the calculation results to obtain the optimal sharding combination. The maximum diameter of the assembly steel silo can reach 45m and the storage capacity can reach 50,000 cubic meters.


  1. Adopting modular manufacturing and site assembly, high stability;
  2. The sealing strip can withstand the 200 ℃ high temperature. The sealing structure is reliable with good effect;
  3. Bolt connection, with easy disassembly and assembly, solves the problems of cement silo export packing, difficulty on-site installation and transport etc.;
  4. The construction is simple and convenient, saves labor, and greatly reduces the installation cost;
  5. The construction period is short, which helps the owner to put into use and recoup funds quickly.
Bolted silo is modular fabricated at factory, easy site installation by bolts and nuts, it is convenient for sea transportation and removable in future to different silo projects. 

Installation technology

The components of bolted steel silo are pre-fabricated in our factory with many connecting points, which including vertical splicing points and horizontal points. All sides of each piece of steel silo are connected by bolts. SRON engineering team will consider the wind speed, seismic activity and temperature of the silo installation site, so as to ensure that the thickness of the silo sheet, the strength of the bolts and support legs could meet the requirements of safe use.

Bolted Steel silo are widely used in building materials, port, chemical industry, grain ,feed, flour, oil, brewing and other industrial fields. welcome contact us for more details

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