Bolted Silo

Bolted Silo


In cement and mineral powder storage industry, the bolted silo has not got so wide application like spiral folded silo or welded silo. Bolted silos are normally smaller sized to below 1000ton.

It has advantages of modular production and easy site installation by bolts and screws as well as removable.

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Bolted silo is modular produced well at workshop, and the installation at site is easy and simple by screws and nuts.

  • Materials: by carbon steel Q235B or Q345R, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, or other special weldable materials. Anti-corrosion treatment by sand blast/ball blast/polishing and painting.
  • Application: For various types of materials in forms of particle and powder. Not applicable for liquid or gas.
  • Diameter Range: 2m-10m
  • Silo Volume: 20m3-1200m3

Bolted Silo design


Bolted Silo Structure:

SRON silo  team will overally consider the the silo location wind speed, seismic and temperature, to make sure  the silo wall sheets thickness, bolts grade, legs strength are all enough for silo safety usage.
Bolted Silo design


Bolted Silo Parameters:


Diameter 3.0m 3.0m 3.8m 3.8m 4.5m 5m 6m 7m 8m
Cylinder Height 5.0m 10.5m 9.5m 13m 13.5m 14.5m 12.5m 14.5m 13.5m
Discharge Height Customized
Configuration Standard De-dusting system, explosive-proof valve, valve, cement block breaker device, stairs, handrail, maintenance platform, cement loading pipe.
Option Electrical deduster, level indicator, loading filter device and vibrator.
Note The anti-explosive valve is dual-direction pressure adjustment function to assure safety;The block breaker device can assure smooth unloading of cement in silo.

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