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Fly ash powder is the by product from power station while important additive in cement, concrete and construction industry. Its storage requires high strictness of sealing and absolute moisture proofing, and scientific arrangement of aeration system ensuring smooth and high rate unloading.

Also fly ash grading system is at your optional choice.

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Fly Ash Silo Introduction

In a typical fly ash processing system, the material produced by the combustion is captured by an electrostatic precipitator (ESP) or baghouses before the flue gas reaches the chimney. These ESPS and baghouses generally have multiple cone hoppers at the bottom where the ash is collected by gravity and then transferred to a fly ash storage silo.These storage silos generally have provisions for a truck load-out to carry the fly ash for disposal or reuse. Fly ash handling systems often encounter problems due to friction properties and fine particle size distribution if they are designed without following a prudent engineering approach. Therefore, we have established strict design standards and comprehensive preventive measures for our fly ash steel silo. Our steel silos are constructed using the most advanced construction techniques and using the highest quality steel, can meet the needs of safe storage and economical use of fly ash. We have professional engineers, who can design fly ash silos according to the performance and structural requirements of our clients. What’s more, our fly ash steel silos have suitable interior coating support to make the service life as long as possible.

Be your fly ash silo system used for power station, fly ash transit center, concrete batching plant or others, our expertise experienced team will furnish you professional practical solution while considering your special requirement of investment, available land, local geographic and climate situations.

The advantages of fly ash silos supplied by SRON:

1.Expertise in offering right silo for right material storage and transfer needs.

2.Supplying silos with complete structural support steel and access platforms.

3.Professionally engineered with the lowest cost.

4.Meeting customers’ requirements for outstanding performance and convenient structural accessibility.

Fly Ash Silo Accessories:

And the Fly Ash Silo silo system generally includes: fly ash grading system, fly ash feeding system, silo aeration system, fly ash discharging system, bulk truck loader system, bag packing system, packed bag palletizer or truck loading system, dust collector system, PLC control system, and related steel structures and platforms with details as following shown.


  • Fly Ash Grading SystemFly Ash Grading System
  • Bucket Elevator Feeding SystemBucket Elevator Feeding System
  • Pneumatic Feeding SystemPneumatic Feeding System
  • Silo Aeration SystemSilo Aeration System
  • Cement Silo Discharging SystemSilo Discharging System
  • Bulk Truck Loading SystemBulk Truck Loading System
  • Dust Collector SystemDust Collector System
  • Bag Packing SystemBag Packing System

How to clean the fly ash silo

1. The fly ash silo shall be installed with temporary warning signs in the construction scope, and shall not be constructed beyond the specified construction scope, and unrelated personnel shall be prohibited from entering the construction site.
2. Close the fly ash storage pipeline and tie it with iron wire and hang the warning sign.
3. When the fly ash is not in the grinding, the downstream equipment such as the bottom rotor scale is hit to the inspection position.
4. The lighting fixtures in the silo are taken into the holes from the middle of the top of the silo, and the cleaning personnel must not touch the lighting tools and wiring.
5. When entering the cleaning of the fly ash steel silo, the ratio of the number of people outside the warehouse to the number of people in the warehouse should be greater than 2:1, and the outside should be assigned a special person for monitoring.
6. Observe the condition of the stock in the warehouse and the solid condition of the ladder inside the warehouse and from the top of the silo door, and confirm the safety before entering.
7. Workers entering the fly ash steel silo should wear protective equipment, including goggles, dust masks, labor insurance shoes, safety helmets, of the worker 
8. When the personnel enter the fly ash steel silo, two safety ropes are required, one is fixed on the outer dust collector bracket and the other is fixed on the ladder inside the warehouse. 9. When starting the clearing, look at the flow and feed the mill; if the flow is too small, install the pipe in the upper pipe of the rotor scale, and mix the fly ash with the mixed slag to make the mixture.
10. Firstly use the iron rod and compressed air at the bottom of the library to carry out the dip; then use the compressed air to blow at the top of the library; after entering the warehouse, use the compressed air to blow, the long stick to dip, and then use the shovel, shovel, etc., just started When people are far from the material, be careful not to dip.
11. If you need to build a shelf in the library, you should strictly abide by the relevant regulations on high-altitude operations.
12. It is forbidden to use explosives to clean the fly ash silo.
13. If there are special circumstances, special safety measures should be formulated before construction.
14. The fly ash steel silo is cleaned up. After the experience is passed and the construction site is cleaned up, the construction is over.
15. Matters not covered, refer to relevant safety management regulations and relevant regulations.

Fly Ash Silo Why Choose SRON

For Fly Ash Silo In China, SRON is an ideal choice. SRON has been appraised as Member of China steel silo industry, research center of bulk cement equipment industry and qualified contractor for China National Reserve. Further with our advanced manufacturing craftsmanship and deep experience, SRON has been appointed Contractor for China Bulk Cement Silo Association. What’s more, SRON is China Leading turn-key solution contractor for bulk material storage technology silo system and high strength steel structure.

Each of SRON project is a turn-key solution. Our experienced engineers team will be beside with you to design and construct the most suitable, dependable and economical project through the whole process of project feasibility study, analysis, construction, maintenance and operation.

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