The spiral folded silo technology originated from Germany, and now SRON has improved its technology during our years project experience with 6 utility patents and 2 scientific and technological achievements. If not for limit for diameter and height, spiral folded silo would be the most popular and economical silo solution.

SRON Start Construction of Spiral Silos Since 1990s

  • history

    History of spiral silos in China and at SRON
    In 1980s, Chinese government imported the first 4 sets of spiral folded silo manufacturing machine from Germany. Chinese engineers start to research and decode the technology, and the founder of SRON company has been one of the engineer who participated the research work. And now we have 28 sets of silo manufacture machines SM30, SM40, SM50.
  • Development

    Rocketing development of spiral silos for storage of cement and fly ash in China
    From 1990s, China start fast development and civil construction, spiral silos starts rocketing development and application in storage of cement, fly ash, lime and mineral powders. For its unique advantages of low investment, fast construction time, easy construction no usage of truck crane, max sealing like welded silo, no painting and no maintenance needed.
  • Proven Quality

    Proven quality of spiral silos for storage of cement and fly ash in China for 25 years
    Till now, it has proven quality of more than 25 years in China for storage of cement and fly ash. Welcome to visit our old and new projects.

Manufacture Process of the Spiral Folded Silo

  • Step 1

    Position the Silo Profiling Unit

  • Step 2

    Steel Plate-Curve-Form Silo

  • Step 3

    Cut Level Line for Install Silo Top

  • Step 4

    Finish Whole Silo Top Structure and Continue Silo Profiling

  • Step 5

    Stop and Weld Inner Rib When Silo Arrive at Certain Height

  • Step 6

    Finish Silo Project

Our Silo Manufacture Unit

We have 20 sets SM30, SM40, SM50 silo profiling unit, part of them are imported from Germany. We will use the different model of silo profilling units according to the different silo diameter and plate thickness. The whole unit is composed by de-coiling machine to send the steel plate to profile machine, profile machine to curve the steel plate for certain diameter, folding machine to bend and seam the 5-layer joint structure, supports structure that rise the silo body by steady wheels.

  • Galvanized Steel Plates

  • Decoiling Machine

  • Profiling Machine

  • Folding Machine

  • Supports

  • Working Process