Silo System Solution for Mineral Production Industry

Silo System Solution for Mineral Production Industry

  • Silo Size:30m3-1000m3
  • Storage Materials: for various types of materials like sand, lime, quick lime powder, coal, rare earth, metals ores etc.
  • Silo Type Applicable:Bolted Silo, Welded Silo
  • Auxiliary System:Bucket elevator or pneumatic conveyor feeding system, dust collector system, air chute system, silo aeration or vibration unloading system, control system etc


SRON Steel Silo System in Mineral Production Industry

In various mineral production industries, silos are vast used and a must storage and connection equipment for smooth flow, reasonable production process and cost saving on storage. The whole silo system design, the equipment configurations is as per different functional needs, flow requirement, geographic and climate situations. And generally particle materials unloading by vibrator, gravity or air CANNONS and powder by air aeration. And silo structure is mainly cone hopper type.


Usually the whole system includes: materials feeding into silo system, dust collector system, silo unloading system, conveyor system to send unloaded materials to next processing workshop, bag packing system, bag palletiser and bag truck loading system.

Silo System Solution for Mineral Production Industry

Economical Silo Model for Choice

Single Silo Volume Silo Model Advantages
30-1000m3 Bolted Silo Easy Installation Cost Saving
30-1000m3 Welded Silo Applicable for various types of materials High performance of sealing

Core supporting equipment

  • Cement Silo Aeration System

    Silo Aeration System

  • Cone Fluidization System

    Cone Fluidization System

  • Truck Loading System

    Truck Loading System


Exhibiton Information

Sron Silo Exhibition

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