Spiral Steel Silo

Spiral Steel Silo


Spiral silo refers to the silo which is made by spiraling the steel plate with a certain width into the rolling equipment during construction. Spiral silo usually used for cement storage silo and fly ash storage silo for the good air tightness


Spiral Sealing Steel SiloThe protruding undercut thickness of the spiral silo is 5 times of the original steel plate thickness, which strengthens the structure and the bearing capacity of the silo. The structure of the silo body is integrated without any holes, bolts and screws, so it has good air tightness. In addition, the use of galvanized steel make the silo reach a good corrosion resistance & long service life. Due to the use of special equipment for spiral silo, the quality of any part of the silo can be ensured.
Due to the limitation of the thickness of the silo plate, the storage capacity of a single silo is generally not more than 8,000t, especially in the areas with high wind load and seismic fortification intensity, the type selection should be strictly in accordance with the calculation results to ensure safety and firmness.



  1. High strength: the inner wall of the silo has vertical reinforcing ribs and transverse spiral undercut ribs, which greatly enhances the strength of the silo and has strong wind, earthquake and snow load resistance;
  2. Good sealing performance: the cylinder of the silo is connected by spiral undercut, with excellent sealing performance;
  3. Short construction period: silo could be put into use as soon as possible to create benefits for users;
  4. Long service life: the cylinder of the silo is made of hot-dip galvanized coil, and the top of the silo is treated by galvanizing process, with strong corrosion resistance and long service life;
  5. Space saving: the distance between the two silos can be as low as 500mm, which can make full use of the space and reduce the floor area.
  6. Light weight: the silo has low weight, which greatly reduces the load and cost of the foundation structure.

Construction of spiral silo

Video of Spiral Silo Construction 

Exhibiton Information

Sron Silo Exhibition

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