Aluminium Silo for Chemical Raw Materials in Petrochemical Industry

Dec 14, 2023Keywords: Aluminium Silo,Storage Silo, Aluminium Silo in Petrochemical Industry

Why Choose Aluminum to Build Storage Silos?
Silos can be made from a variety of materials, common ones include concrete, coated steel, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. For the storage of chemical raw materials in the petrochemical industry, aluminum is an ideal material for manufacturing silos. It is strong, lightweight, self-supporting, easy to weld, and its strong oxide layer ensures it will not contaminate stored materials and requires no additional surface preparation or maintenance issues.

SRON Aluminum Silo Introduction
Aluminum silos are commonly used in the plastics, food and chemical industries to store lightweight bulk materials. Aluminum silos are weatherproof and have a virtually unlimited lifespan, making them the best choice for storing large quantities of raw materials. The capacity of SRON's aluminum silos ranges from several tons to hundreds of tons, and its diameter, height, and shape can be customized according to size. As a supplier of aluminum silos, we can provide you with customized storage silos based on your unique storage requirements and provide system solutions.

Aluminum Silo Features
Durable structure: The aluminum silo is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material. This material increases the durability of the silo and ensures its long service life. In addition, aluminum alloy has the properties of stainless steel, which makes the silo weatherproof.
Large Capacity: Aluminum silos can be manufactured in different capacities to meet different storage needs. The silo’s customized structure allows clients to tailor storage capacity to their needs.
Safe Storage: Aluminum silos are the perfect solution for hygienic storage. The aluminum material facilitates the cleaning process with its easy-to-clean properties and maintains the quality of the stored material. In addition, the closed structure of the silo prevents harmful pests and moisture from penetrating inside, ensuring the safety of stored materials.
Affordable: Aluminum is very light, relatively easy to construct, and cheap. Aluminum silos are popular for their strength, light weight, adaptability and flexibility, and low price.
Environmentally Friendly: Aluminum silos are an environmentally friendly storage solution. Aluminum is a recyclable material that saves energy during the production of the silo. This enables businesses to contribute to their sustainability goals.

SRON Aluminum Silo Application
SRON aluminum silos are mainly used for the storage of raw materials in the petrochemical industry. The storage materials are PP, LDPE, PET, PS, PVC, ABS, HDPE, etc. SRON provides the best material storage solutions to the petrochemical industry around the world. SRON's advanced and complete aluminum silo technology and rich engineering and technical experience provide clients with customized needs. If you are interested in SRON aluminum silos or would like more details, please contact us.

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