Application of Pneumatic Conveying System

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Introduction to Pneumatic Conveying System

Pneumatic conveying system is an environmentally friendly and efficient conveying method that uses air flow as a carrying medium to convey granular or powdery materials under certain conditions. The working principle of the pneumatic conveying system is to transport materials from the starting point to the end point through the air flow generated by compressed air. During the conveying process, compressed air carries the material in the air flow and makes it flow. At the same time, by controlling parameters such as pressure, flow rate and direction of air flow, material transportation can be controlled and adjusted.

Components of Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Material storage equipment: such as storage silos, hoppers, etc., used to store materials to be transported.
Pneumatic conveying pipeline: A pipeline that transports materials through air flow. Usually round or square metal pipes are used, and are equipped with accessories such as valves and joints.
Compressed air source: Provides compressed air for generating air flow and transporting materials. Common compressed air sources include air compressors and Roots blowers.
Control and monitoring equipment: including pressure sensors, flow meters, temperature sensors, feeders, two-way valves, etc., used to control the operation of the pneumatic conveying system and monitor related parameters.

Advantages of Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Industrial production: Pneumatic conveying systems are used in industrial production processes such as raw material transportation, finished product transportation, and waste disposal. For example, conveying powdery materials from storage silos to production equipment or packaging areas, or conveying waste materials to processing equipment for recycling.
Grain Processing: Pneumatic conveying systems are used for grain storage and transportation, such as transporting grain from silos to processing equipment, or transporting processed grain products to storage areas.
Material loading: Pneumatic conveying systems can be used for loading and unloading of materials. For example, bulk materials are loaded into trucks or ships and unloaded at their destination.
Coal and Ore Handling: Pneumatic conveying systems are used to transport coal and ore, such as from silos to boilers or coal storage areas.
Cement industry: Pneumatic conveying system is an important link in the cement production process. It is used to transport raw materials such as cement, clinker, limestone and coal powder, as well as transport finished products such as cement, clinker, mortar and cement powder.
Chemical and pharmaceutical industries: Pneumatic conveying systems can be used to transport powdery materials in chemical and pharmaceutical industries, such as pigments, pharmaceutical powders, plastic granules, etc.

In the Cement Silo System, the Role of Pneumatic Conveying System

Cement conveying: Pneumatic conveying systems are commonly used to convey cement from cement production lines to cement silos. The cement clinker produced during the cement production process will be ground into cement powder, and then the cement powder will be sent to the cement silo for storage through a pneumatic conveying system.
Filling System: A cement silo system usually includes one or more filling stations for filling cement from the cement silo into bags or bulk containers. The pneumatic conveying system can be used to transport the cement powder to the filling station through the conveying pipeline, and then fill the cement through the filling machine.
Batching system: The batching system in the cement silo system needs to mix various raw materials with cement to prepare the required mixture. Pneumatic conveying systems are often used to transport raw materials to mixing equipment, and can also be used to transport prepared mixtures into cement silos for storage.
Cleaning system: Since a certain amount of dust is generated during the cement transportation process, the pneumatic conveying system will be equipped with a dust removal system to purify the air during the transportation process and achieve zero pollution emissions in the air. From the clean air entering the pneumatic conveying system to the clean air exiting the pneumatic conveying system, a perfect closed-loop process is realized.

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