Cause analysis and solution of cement steel silo agglomeration

Oct 29, 2018Keywords: cement silo,cement agglomeration

 1, Analysis of cementation causes

Cement agglomerate for cement hydration in advance for the first plate for analysis of the factors of library library before completion putting-in-service proactively, has experienced several heavy rain, into the library examination found no water seepage phenomenon, galvanized steel and library side bite bite way way for lid of cans, can rule out side of library and library roof water oozed phenomenon analysis, main factors of steel rolls cement agglomerate

I, As the temperature difference between inside and outside of the reservoir is large, the condensation of water and gas in the air inside the reservoir causes cement agglomeration
II, Rain water from the bottom of the reservoir due to capillarity

2 Solution

I, The warehousing cement shall not only enter half of the storehouse, and reduce the height of dew on the storehouse wall. 

II, Reduce the storage time of winter cement, and the roots fan at the bottom of the reservoir shall often blast air into the reservoir to keep the cement "active". 

III, Add 1 ~ 2 smoke caps per library to increase the heat removal capacity of the library. 

IV,  The dust collection equipment on the top of the storehouse is in normal open state,

and the emission of hot gas in the storehouse should be increased. 

V, Keep the surface of the steel sheet base insulated. 

VI, Make the base waterproof.


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