Comprehensive Description of Technology and Performance of Steel Silo

Nov 02, 2022Keywords: Steel Silo, SRON Storage Silo, Technology of Steel Silo

 With the development of technology, the current construction trend of storage silos is: the capacity of a single silo is getting larger and larger; the functions are more and more complete. The capacity of the steel silo gradually increases, its structural design, basic form, environmental emissions, natural factors (geology, hydrology, freezing, temperature, etc.), as well as the unloading form of the steel silo, energy consumption indicators, and investment cost per unit volume are all factors considered by the constructor.
SRON steel silo is widely used in the field of material storage and transfer due to its large capacity, high land utilization rate, high degree of automation, short construction period and low investment per unit volume.
1.Wedge force basic technology: The wedge force supercharger foundation designed by the wedge force supercharger principle is suitable for engineering construction under different geological conditions of each enterprise.
2.Structural shape and size: Large steel silo is a large thin-walled container, and the height-diameter ratio is generally about 1:1. The silo body is cylindrical, and the silo top is a spherical silo top. The silo wall is made of steel plate welding (lap welding); the spherical shape of the silo roof semicircle is formed by the structural design of the shaped steel and the combination of multiple arched beams to form a unique structural building. Its dome has a reliable load-carrying capacity.
3.Material loading method: The material loading and conveying method can adopt pipeline pneumatic conveying or mechanical conveying according to Party A's requirements. The feeding method adopts the central point of the silo top to feed the material.
4.The principle and description of the unloading of the steel silo: The unloading corridor is determined according to the diameter of the silo. When the material is filled with the steel silo, the valve of that part is opened according to the needs and which part is required to start unloading, so that the material smoothly flow under the dual action of air force and gravity.
5.Combined unloading of gravity unloading and pneumatic unloading: The material pressure is evenly distributed on the bottom plate of the steel silo, and the pressure is transmitted to the ground through the silo floor to achieve preload bearing, which can meet the requirements of different foundation bearing capacity, and the filling on the bottom plate of the silo is light pressure-resistant material; The conveying adopts pneumatic conveying to realize dense phase or dilute phase unloading of materials. The ability to convey materials can be realized by adjusting the grid wheel with frequency conversion speed controller under the silo. The whole system can realize local automatic and centralized control of central control.This technology utilizes the technical characteristics of the dual combination of gravity unloading, pneumatic unloading and conveying. In the case of no inflation, the material with high material level is conveyed by gravity unloading. When the material level is low, the material is loosened from the discharge port by the fluidization device, and then the material is conveyed out by gravity unloading, which greatly saves energy, and reduces power consumption.

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