Concrete Silo and Steel Silo For Coal Storage

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Reason of Choosing Silo for Coal Storage
Coal silos play an important role in coal production. Designing and building coal silos that meet the needs of modern coal mine production is of great significance to ensuring the continuity of coal mine production.
The function of coal silo: an upright container for storing granular or loose crushed coal, providing short-term storage space for raw materials and products for coal production enterprises or serving as a long-term storage warehouse for coal.
Steel Silo for Coal Storage
Steel Silo Introduction
Steel silo is mainly composed of three parts: silo roof, silo body and silo bottom. The roof of steel silo should adopt a space grid structure, which has the advantages of large span, good seismic performance, and short construction period. Silo body adopts steel plate butt welding and horizontal and vertical reinforcement technology. The bottom of the steel silo adopts concrete ring beam and raft foundation, which can effectively enhance the ground endurance of the rock and soil below the foundation to meet the load-bearing requirements of silo body. The discharge system is mainly composed of gasification system in the silo, unloading system at the bottom of the silo, bulk silo and elevator. The unloading system at the bottom of the silo adopts the multi-corridor and multi-point unloading method, and the out-of-stock rate reaches over 95%.

Features of Coal Steel Silo
1. Less initial investment
In the production and installation process of steel silos, a number of SRON's patented technologies are used, which can save about 50% of building materials and more than 60% of land;
2. Easy storage
According to different materials and factory conditions, the storage method of materials can be storage by hoist, chute or pneumatic pipeline.
3. Good air tightness
SRON adopts patented vacuum sealing technology. The materials are stored in large steel silos for a long time. The physical indicators remain basically unchanged and the utilization rate is improved.

4. Flexible layout
Steel silos can be arranged according to the specific conditions of the site. They can be built in single or double rows, which is very flexible.
5. Structural safety
Steel silos are thin-walled containers with high loads, and structural safety must be the primary consideration. SRON will fully consider various fixed loads, dynamic loads, material loads, earthquakes, wind loads, snow loads, temperature effects, etc. in the early design stage of each steel silo.
Concrete Silo for Coal Storage
Introduction of Concrete Silo
The cast-in-place reinforced concrete silo is a traditional and mature silo type, which is widely used in coal, mining, thermal power, metallurgy, building materials and other industrial systems. The main structure of the silo is a reinforced concrete structure, the roof of the silo is a reinforced concrete conical shell top cover, the wall of the silo is a reinforced concrete wall, the underground transportation corridor is a reinforced concrete structure, and the trestle above the silo is a steel structure. The maximum diameter of the concrete silo can reach more than 40-50m, and the height can reach more than 50m.

concrete silo
Features of Concrete Coal Silo
1. Durable and long service life, generally more than 50 years;
2. Small footprint and high land utilization rate;
3. The silo has thick walls and good thermal insulation performance. The materials are less affected by external temperature differences and are suitable for long-term storage;
4. It is well grounded and should not accumulate static electricity, so it is safe and reliable.
5. Most bulk materials can flow into the vehicle by their own weight, reducing equipment losses and saving power costs;
6. Convenient for mechanized loading and unloading, saving manpower and management costs;
7. Less maintenance and low maintenance cost.

concrete coal silo
Why Choose SRON Storage Silo to Store Coal?
1.Storage and Transportation Safety Measures
Silo is equipped with material level detection, temperature detection, methane detection, CO detection, CO2 detection, hydrogen sulfide detection, and silo top explosion-proof valve
2.Inerting System
It is configured with silo inerting system to ensure silo safety.
3.Explosion-Proof System
The silo is configured with explosion-proof dust collector to reduce dust.
4.Pipeline Technology
It is configured with our company 's unique pipeline technology to reduce dust in the pipeline.

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