Spiral steel silos for material storage

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Spiral steel silos for material storage

Spiral steel silo is widely used in various industries due to its unique advantages. Its construction period is short due to the fast shape-forming and bending speed of equipment which can reach 5m/min. Cement silo is generally made of galvanized steel, which is light in weight and low in cost. In addition, its horizontal spiral biting edge rib greatly enhances the strength of silo body, significantly reducing the engineering cost of storing corrosive materials in chemical and environmental protection industries. Different from other steel silo, the height and diameter of spiral silo have a wide range of choice for making full use of the space, reducing the floor space and easy management. This kind of silo is highly automatic and it is equipped with temperature measurement, material level meter and other equipment, convenient for users’ management.

Silos for powdery material storage- steel silo
in cement industry:

Raw material silo, cement silo, fly ash silo and lime silo etc. are important facilities in building materials, electric power, transportation and other industries. In the production process, powdery materials may be affected by water level and absorption between particles, largely declining the homogenization and storage functions of silo. It can be observed from sticky from sticky silo, collapsed silo, large difference between theoretical silo storage capacity and actual silo storage capacity and other abnormal storage conditions, having great impact on production process.

Silo making machine

Silo making machine includes the following components which have advanced technologies, reasonable structures and wide range of applicable materials.
1. Forming machine: bend the silo material into required circle with silo diameter for preliminary processing.
2. Bending machine: bending and biting the materials together while spiraling them into a cylinder.
3. Decoiling machine: The material to be processed is placed on the uncoiler for unrolling its sheet.
4. Bearing support: it can decide the correct diameter of silo and support spiraling silo attached on it.

Application of spiral steel silo

Steel silo can store granular, powdery and liquid materials, such as wheat, rice, corn, barley, sorghum, edible oil seeds, soybean cocoa beans, gravel, ore, flour, starch, coffee, finished feed, cement, gypsum, bauxite, caustic soda, oil, beer, white wine, water, sewage, etc. It is widely used in agriculture, grain and oil, metallurgy, building materials, petroleum, chemical industry, light industry, brewing, medicine, food, coal, environment-friendly sewage treatment and other industries, as well as for garage and residence.  

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