Use and Maintenance of Welded Steel Silos

Jul 16, 2017Keywords: welded silo, Use of welded silos, maintenance of welded silos

1. Preparation before feeding silo
1.1 For the silo that pass acceptance inspection, should check the dryness and cleaning of silo bottom plate before feeding silo, and to ensure that there are no gravel, tile and other garbage inside the silo.
1.2 Should check if the hinge situation between the steel silo and all external equipment can compliance with the requirements of usage. and guaranteed the hinge or sliding support be reliable.

2. Feeding silo 
2.1 The using units should feeding the silo strictly in accordance with the requirements of the design documents .
2.2 In the feeding process, should promptly check the operation of the relevant facilities, found the problem and solved timely.
2.3 In steel silo using process, should do settlement observation , and strictly control the amount of settlement. Silo sedimentation observations shall be carried out in accordance with the following requirements:
2.3.1 Setting the datum point: The requirement of setting datum point is that the foundation of base must be solid, observable the location with a good perspective.
2.3.2 Set the settlement observation point: symmetrical evenly arranged observation point around the silo, the  the plane layout of observation point should be able to fully reflect the situation of settlement.
2.3.3 Doing settlement observation in different stage : after all settlement observation points installed firmly, should do the first settlement observation and do record, and then observe the settlement situation of each stages during sub-batch feeding process, and complete the appropriate detailed observation records.
2.3.4 All subsidence observation records must be kept properly.
2.4 steel silo base foundation will be in deformation due to loading and unloading cement . In order to avoid excessive compression of the foundation when the loading cement for the first time, should feed the cement into silo in several times and control the foundation settlement,  ensure the safety of the foundation. When the first time to load cement, the control method of the load shall be carried out according to the following provisions:
2.4.1 Before put the steel silo into using, the design department should make silo feeding control chart and feeding instructions. According to the size of silo capacity,  can fill the silo in 5-10 times, before each time of feeding the silo,  measure the setting  amount of each observation point, the do the next time of feeding.
2.4.2 For the silo group, the loading sequence should be crossed; the difference of cement volume in adjacent silos should not exceed two levels in the loading chart.

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