How to Clean the Cement Storage Tank

Jul 17, 2017Keywords: cement storage tank, cement tank, cement storage tank cleaning

The cement storage tank is consisted of three parts, the upper part is mainly  consisted of the top, dusting, guardrail and manhole, and the top is the seal roof part of the cement tank; The main function of the  dusting is to clean out the dust existed inside the silo; The guardrail is the top guardrail. Owing to the long operation time of the cement storage tank, the environment is dusty , so the cleaning is particularly important. OK, let’s see how to clean the cement storage tank.

1. By the maintenance regulation, the regular maintenance should be done, such as the cleaning, lubrication and fuel charging, etc.
2. Before cement storage tank started, firstly check if the controller is good. After the work finished, pour the water and stone into the mixing drum to clean for 10~15 minutes, and clean out the water and stone. If the operator need enter the mixing drum for the cleaning, besides cut off the power supply and remove the fuse, and need to lock the switch box.
3. It is forbidden to remove the concrete which are stored up in the cement tank by using the sledgehammer  to strike, only can use the chisel.
4. In the cold season, after the work finished, the cement tank should be cleaned by water, and the water in the water pump、water box and water pipe should be cleaned out to prevent them form  freezing.
Thus, we can ensure that the service life of the cement storage tank.

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