Designed with Ingenuity and Crafted with Fine Workmanship - Construction Record of "A Hazardous Waste Treatment Project" of SRON

Dec 30, 2023Keywords: Construction Record of SRON

     Recently, "a hazardous waste treatment project" constructed by Henan SRON Silo Engineering Co., Ltd. entered into a comprehensive construction stage. During the construction of the project, the project construction team of SRON braved the cold weather and worked hard to ensure safety, quality and progress, and set off a winter construction boom, laying a solid foundation for the successful completion of the project.

     Complex Construction Techniques and Strict Quality Requirements
     This project is a complete raw material batching system, including 10 silos, involving 5 feeding and discharging systems for materials with different particle sizes and properties, as well as a continuous batching system. The overall construction period of the project is short, and there are many equipments, many measurements, and complex processes. The construction and hoisting area of the project is very small. The assembly, hoisting, and installation site organization is large, and it is deeply affected by the winter rainy season environment, which has caused great interference to the construction progress. . At the same time, this project has strict requirements on construction management and quality. Party A, supervisors and other organizations have dedicated personnel to control them. They not only conduct strict inspections on the safety and quality of materials and equipment in storage, but also strictly inspect the construction process in accordance with specifications. In all aspects, the procedures must be complete, the process standardized, and the records maintained.

     Faced with the above various challenges and strict requirements, SRON formulated a scientific and reasonable design and construction plan, through the use of various types of feeding methods such as bucket elevators, scraper conveyors, pneumatic conveying, automatic bag opening and so on. Differentiated arch breaking measures solve the problem of discharging materials with many varieties and widely different properties, avoid material hardening, and ensure smooth fluid discharge of materials. At the same time, in order to meet the requirements of continuous measurement and batching technology, SRON adopts a reduction scale to stabilize the feeding and measurement of materials, which ensures the stability of feeding is better than 0.5% and the accuracy is better than ±0.5%, which guarantees the stability of feeding.
     During the implementation of the project, all the people of SRON paid great attention to the project, and held construction preparation meetings, safety and technical briefing meetings at all levels from the company, project and site, and conducted regular safety training for the workers. At the same time through the collaborative cooperation of the company's professional technical teams in process, structure, civil engineering, equipment and electrical, SRON completed the project installation with high quality and quantity.

     Adapting Construction to Local Conditions and Ensuring Construction Quality
     According to the site and schedule condition of the project, SRON project construction team combined with the quality requirements of the project, adopted the flow beat construction method, and reasonably arranged the steel structure installation, silo assembly and silo lifting construction procedures. In terms of construction quality, SRON project construction team, in accordance with the relevant requirements, combined with the construction situation, has repeatedly arranged third-party welding non-destructive testing organization to the site to carry out welding testing, so as to achieve timely testing and no leakage of testing.
     At the same time, the project team strictly controls the on-site construction process, timely inspection and acceptance in accordance with the project acceptance division, and reasonably uses relevant testing instruments such as latitude and longitude meter, level meter, large torque wrench, etc. The project team strictly implements the "three inspections" system of quality management to ensure the construction quality. Strictly implement the quality management "three inspection" system to ensure the construction quality, and effectively achieve the project is responsible for the company is responsible for the owner is responsible.


     Designed with Ingenuity and Crafted with Fine Workmanship
     As a leading EPC general contractor for bulk material storage and transportation system projects in China, SRON adheres to the product concept of "technology builds the beauty of project" and treats each project seriously. At the early stage of the project implementation, SRON carefully organized the pre-project design, strengthened communication with the owner, gave full play to the company's design advantages, adopted the double-row silo arrangement, developed a compact design, neat and beautiful, in line with the owner's needs, effectively improve the equipment yield rate, reduce the on-site construction workload, shorten the construction period, and save the storage system occupies the area and the foundation costs.

     During the overall implementation of the project, SRON won the unanimous recognition of the owner and all parties involved in the construction with its perfect construction organization design and professional construction management experience, which also laid a good foundation for the successful completion of the whole project.

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