“One Belt and One Road” National-Infrastructure-Development

Jul 01, 2017Keywords: one belt and one road, national infrastructure development, SRON industry

 At the end of 2016, CDB make loans in the Countries along the “One Belt And One Road “accumulated of 160 billion dollars, there are over 500 reserve projects in the countries along the  "one belt and one road", financing total demand is up to more than 35 billion dollars, many of which are infrastructure projects.

In Vice President Tang Wei view, engaged in the long-term planning and design of Shanghai Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd wisdom city mainly rely on internet, cloud computing and large data, and the wisdom city is a new concept, a new height, informationalized transmission, the transmission of wireless networks can provide us with a more economical infrastructure, and through information technology and computer network technology is able to be better to include water, electricity, etc. into the urban infrastructure into the intelligent design.

With the development and advancement of the construction of "one belt and one road", the overseas business of Shanghai Construction Industry has also started to transform to infrastructure building and has accumulated some experience in the development of overseas sustainable infrastructure construction. It’s known that at the end of March, 2017, there are 28 shanghai construction engineering projects in the world, infrastructure accounted for more than 50%. Among them, there are 10 projects of “one belt and one road ", including Cambodia Phnom Penh Second Ring Road project, Nepal Kathmandu inner ring road reconstruction project, Indonesia Bandung Expressway project, East Timor national highway renovation project,etc.

"I think the so - called difficulties may be caused by no understand about the local situation, for example, in some less developed countries, the development of its technology did not meet the requirements, so the real difficulty is that we understand the nature of this project, understand the needs of the owners. Tang Wei told the 21st century economic reporter, the things which are needed by the local we should understand, and adjust measures to local conditions, you cannot give the Chinese idea to them directly.

Although the demand in every country is different, overall, we hope China teach them the excellent technology, since the technology in China is extreme popular in the worldwide and the cost performance is very high.

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