Prevention of Arching in Cement Silo

Sep 29, 2017Keywords: Prevention of Arching in Cement Silo, cement silo

It is a usual phenomenon for powdered materials, such as raw meal or cement, to have blockage due to arching in silos in cement production. Necessary measures must be taken in designing construction and operation. The prevention methods of cement crusting, blocking knot arching in silo are as below.

1. In addition to choosing the suitable silo structure and discharge outlet size, adopt technical measures to make the silo inner wall smooth as far as possible to reduce the internal friction between material and silo wall, so that the material has the best flow condition. Side discharge can reduce vertical pressure of silo material, it is also the effective prevention method of arching.

2. Install the mechanical or pneumatic flow aiding device, which can effectively eliminate the arching phenomenon in silo.

3. Reduce the water content brought by pneumatic flow aiding device, Dry and dehumidify the air aerated into silo.

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