SRON was invited to visit Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan and attend relevant economic and trade activities

Mar 20, 2024Keywords: SRON attend relevant economic and trade activities

     In order to help Chinese enterprises explore the potential of trade and investment cooperation and continue to promote practical economic and trade cooperation under the "Belt and Road", CCOIC organized an economic and trade delegation to visit Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan from March 12th to 19th. Zhang Shaogang, Vice President of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), Li Shuai, Vice Minister of CCPIT, Xu Jinli, Minister of Bilateral Cooperation Department of CCOIC, and nearly 40 representatives of China Chemical Engineering Group Corporation, China Chemical Engineering Seventh Construction Company Limited, and China National Petroleum Technology Development Company Limited participated in this activity. As the only invited enterprise in China's silo industry, SRON Company, together with the economic and trade delegation, deeply investigated the local business environment and participated in related economic and trade activities.

Representatives of SRON Company attended the economic and trade activities of China and Kazakhstan and took group photos 
     During the visit, SRON Company accompanied the delegation attended the China-Kazakhstan Economic and Trade Forum and the 2nd China International Supply Chain Promotion Expo, Uzbekistan Business Environment Promotion Conference, participated in the exchange meeting of Uzbekistan Chinese Enterprises Chamber of Commerce, and held talks with Chinese enterprises in Kazakhstan, and exchanged and docked with local famous enterprises and Almaty Investment and Promotion Bureau. Through the communication with local governmental organizations, industrial and commercial associations and enterprises, we have strengthened the friendly communication and practical cooperation in the field of bulk material storage and transportation between SRON and relevant enterprises in China, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. With its advanced and high value-added system solutions in the field of bulk material storage and transportation, SRON also won the unanimous praise.


Representatives of SRON participated in the exchange meeting of Uzbekistan Chinese Enterprises Chamber of Commerce and took group photos

Mr. Wen Peng, Chairman of SRON, accompanied the CCOIC delegation to investigate local enterprises
     Mr. Wen Peng, the chairman of SRON Company, said at the event that this year is the 11th anniversary of the "Belt and Road" initiative, and it is also the 11th year of SRON's in-depth practice of the "Belt and Road" initiative. As a leader in China's bulk material storage and transportation field, SRON actively participates in international bidding and international market competition, and has successively contracted many projects in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other countries along the "Belt and Road", which has won a good reputation. In the future, SRON will uphold the high level, internationalization, branding business philosophy and the cooperation concept of "co-discussion, co-construction, and sharing", and integrate the engineering design, equipment manufacturing and engineering management experience that represents the advanced level of China's processing manufacturing industry. Bringing it to Central Asia will help promote the high-quality development of the bulk material storage and transportation industry in Central Asian countries and create China's new productivity in the field of bulk material storage and transportation.

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