Steel Silos Maintain Guideline

Aug 05, 2020Keywords: steel silo maintain, steel silo repair

 In modern enterprises, using steel silos to store grain, cement, fly ash, etc., Compared with traditional concrete warehouses, is not only cheap but also simple to maintain and short in the construction period, which has become the mainstream choice.
The steel silo is classified into Spiral folded silo(Lipp silo), Bolted Silo, and Bolted Silo. But no matter what kind of steel silo, use, maintenance is required to maintain the good condition of the steel silo. How to maintain steel silo? What are the precautions? Let's share with you the relevant information about the use and maintenance of the steel silo!
 The maintenance of steel silo starts from three aspects: silo roof cover, silo roof platform, craft holes, and silo body.  
1. Overhaul of warehouse roof cover and warehouse roof platform
  a. Steel silo users need to check whether the fastening bolts are loose and whether the silo top cover is good.
  B. The users of steel silo also need to check the integral welded silo roof, and the necessary anti-corrosion measures have been taken and timely treatment has been done.
C. Steel silo users need to check and repair the silo roof platform to avoid rain leaks in the feed hole, platform plate, rain ring, and rust spots on the surface of the steel silo components. If rust spots occur, the steel silo users should deal with rust spots.
2. Overhaul of process holes
the overhaul of process holes is also very important in the use and maintenance of steel silo. When users use steel silo, they need to check the process holes of steel silo for appearance corrosion and leakage prevention. Improper maintenance will affect the service life of steel silo. (Note: craft holes include manholes, ventilation holes, seat, temperature measuring holes, etc., Users should not miss them during maintenance.)
3. Overhaul and maintenance of warehouse
in the user's use and maintenance of the steel silo, we need to pay attention to the overhaul and maintenance of the silo body, and deal with the details, as follows:
a. Every time the steel silo is empty, the user should check the silo body. One aspect is to check whether the steel silo door is cracked, and the other is to check the steel silo. Also to whether the sealing of the warehouse door is intact, the user also needs to check and check the connection between the reinforcing rib and the warehouse wall.
B. When the user is filling or emptying the steel silo, it is necessary to check whether the steel silo wall is deformed, especially to observe the parts of the steel silo through outriggers, etc. And make a record and archive of inspection results. Thus, the warehouse wall is treated with anti-corrosion treatment according to the situation of each inspection.
C. The user of the steel silo also needs to check the installation bolts of the straight climbing ladder every year to prevent loosening. At the same time, it is necessary to check whether the materials used are damaged, and perform anti-corrosion or treatment according to the inspection.
The above are the points that need attention in the maintenance of the steel silo. In the use of the steel silo, the steel silo should be repaired and maintained in strict accordance with the maintenance and repair requirements to maintain the good running state of the steel silo, not only can ensure a good material storage state, but it can also extend the service life of the steel silo. If you need more detailed maintenance and repair instructions, please detail our after-sales engineers, who will provide you with more complete instructions!

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