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Sep 04, 2018Keywords: air chute

 The air chute (hereinafter referred to as the chute) is a pneumatic conveying device widely used for conveying dry powdery materials, and is commonly used in the cement industry to transport cement and raw meal powder.

The chute has no rotating parts in the conveying material, is easy to maintain, has good sealing performance, no noise, safe and reliable operation, less power consumption, convenient to change the conveying direction, and can be widely applied by multi-feeding and multi-point discharging. .

The main component of the chute is the gas permeable layer. This series of products adopts PET5~6 (polyester) synthetic fiber fabric, which is a new type of gas permeable layer. It has high temperature resistance (up to 150 ° C), corrosion resistance, wear resistance and moisture absorption. Low strength, light weight, smooth surface and long service life.

The chute is made of a plurality of ordinary thin steel plates and other accessories are riveted with bolts. A gas permeable layer is arranged between the upper and lower casings of the tank body, and the inclined groove is inclined at an angle to the whole.

Above the gas permeable layer is a chamber, and below is a gas chamber. When a gas with a certain pressure is blown into the gas chamber, the material is fluidized through the gas permeable layer, so that the material flows like a fluid in the tank under the action of gravity, usually by centrifugal ventilation. The machine serves as a source of wind. Excess air in the chamber is evacuated by the dust collector through the exhaust port of the chute.

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