The Application of Air Cannon for Steel Silo Discharge

Sep 04, 2018Keywords: air cannon,steel silo

 Air Cannon is consists of a compressed air tank and a set of air jets components  Which can release a high-energy impact force in an instant. The air cannon directly impacts the material through the air outlet, damaging the arch and making the material flow out of silo. 

This direct impact air cannon is characterized by the direct impact of compressed air stored in the air storage tank through the air outlet, and the faster the jet speed, the greater the impact, thus the greater the effective range. The use of multiple air cannons can make thousands of cubic materials to resume flow. The air cannon can be started manually or with a timing controller that controls the start interval of the air cannon and the start sequence of multiple air guns. 

Product features:

* Combined design of jet components and quick blow valve to reduce blow stroke.

* Fast blasting, effectively destroying the arch;

* Combined air gun has large force and wide effective range;

* Quiet action with low noise;

* No leakage design, efficient use of energy;

* Minimum maintenance: simple moving parts without motors, bearings or lubrication;


Air gun selection

The selection of air cannon is mainly based on the size of the silo, the material arch characteristics in silo and the blockage status etc.. Generally choose larger specifications, and then the impact force of the air cannon can be adjusted by adjust the air supply pressure.

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