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Nov 18, 2022Keywords: Welded Cement Silo, Clinker Silo, Phillipines Steel Silo

        Introduction of cement steel silo: Because of its tightness requirements, cement storage usually adopts spiral silo or welded steel silo, while for storage with a large single silo capacity (more than 10,000 tons), welded steel silo is used. Welded steel silo is composed of a cylindrical silo body, a silo roof and a silo bottom, which are welded by the walls of the steel silo. Among them, the roof of the silo is arc-shaped, and the upper part of the silo roof is equipped with a breathing hole, a carbon monoxide detector, a radar level gauge, a dust collector and an induced draft fan. A cone bucket is set on the bottom of the silo, and the bottom of the cone bucket is provided with a discharge port. A loosening device is installed one meter above the discharge port, and the loosening device is fixedly connected with the cone bucket.

The Cement Welded Steel Silo Has the Following Characteristics:
1. Large storage capacity: The diameter of the storage silo body is up to 80 meters, and the single storage capacity is 5,000-120,000 tons, which can be increased if there are special needs;
2. Less initial investment: Using SRON multiple patented technologies, it can save about 50% of building materials and more than 60% of land;
3. Good airtightness: The patented vacuum sealing technology is adopted, and the physical indicators of the cement will basically remain unchanged within 9 months of storage;
4. Energy saving and environmental protection: The patented dust removal technology is adopted in the process of storage and delivery, which will not pollute the surrounding environment;
5. High strength and long service life: According to the standard maintenance, the service life can reach 30-50 years.

6. Advanced unloading: The large-scale welded silo has accumulated the advantages of other steel silos, and designed a new pneumatic unloading system, which transports the materials in the silo to the designated position by pneumatic pressure. One outlet port is designed for 10,000-50,000 tons steel silo, and four outlet ports are designed for more than 50,000 tons. Using frequency conversion technology, the output volume can reach about 500T/H.
7. Convenient loading: According to different materials and factory conditions, the materials can be stored in silo by elevator, chute or pneumatic pipeline.

        SRON undertook the construction of the Davao 10x10,000-ton cement and clinker silo project of the Philippine San Miguel Corporation at the end of 2021. We were responsible for the overall engineering design, supply and guidance of installation, commissioning and other work of the project under the consideration of external factors such as local wind speed and earthquake. In this project, in addition to choosing large-scale welded steel silos, we also used auxiliary equipment such as dust collectors, homogenizing discharge systems, and elevators. San Miguel Corporation chose our cement and clinker silo project because of the following project advantages:
1. Large single silo capacity, short construction period and low cost.
2. Unique partition gasification discharge technology, high empty unloading rate and no residue.
3. The system and equipment are designed for tropical rainy conditions, with good sealing performance.

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