Design Factors Dust Collecting in Cement Plant Silo System

Aug 18, 2017Keywords: cement silo,source of dust,dust collecting

With the development of new dry cement production technology in the direction of large scale, automation and low energy consumption, environmental protection in cement production has been paid more and more attention.

SRON combine with the practical situation of different project, studied bag dust filter selection factors, briefly discusses the influence factors of enhancing dust filtering model selection and result.
cement silo dust filter
1.1  Air Dealing Volume

Air dealing volume refers to the volume of the gas that can be purified in the unit time. It is one of the most important factors in the design of silo top type dust collector. When choose the silo top dust filter according to air volume, generally does not make dust collector run when excess of the prescribed airflow, otherwise, the filter bag easy to jam, shorten the life, the sharp rise in pressure loss, dust removal efficiency will also be lower; But also cannot choose excessive air volume, otherwise increase equipment investment and floor space.

1.2 Selection of Filter Bag Material

The filter Filter Bag Material must with good filtering effect and high filtration efficiency and long service life. At the same time, dust control are closely related with the particle size distribution, quality, particle size and movement speed. At present, our company use polyester nonwoven fabrics as the material of the filter core. This kind of material has good air permeability, good dust intercepting ability, high filtration precision, toughness and easy forming characteristics.

1.3 operating temperature

The temperature depends on two factors, the first is the maximum temperature of the filter material, and the second is that the gas temperature must be above the dew point temperature. At present, due to large amounts of glass fiber filter material is chosen, the highest temperature can reach 280 , To the gas with temperature higher than  280 , must take cooling measures, o the gas with temperature lower than 280 , must take rising temperature measures.

1.4 filtration speed

filtration speed is an important factor in the design and selection of the top type dust filter, which is defined as the ratio of the filter gas through the filter bad material, or  the ratio of the air volume passing through the filter material and the area of the filter material. 

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