Relation between Steel Silo Cement Storage time and Cement Strength

Aug 11, 2017Keywords: cement storage time, cement strength, steel silo

1.The study of different parts of the cement storage conditions
(1). Cement storage in winter north Frost period in north China region, the outdoor to stop construction, cement sales difficult. With the north at low temperatures, dry air of favorable conditions, more storage in winter some cement, balance the supply and demand contradiction of cement off-season and busy season, is the northern cement enterprises make use of the steel silo, steel plate. Effective measures for enhancing the efficiency of library storage cement cement plant through the test of physical strength. In the sealed bucket, the solidification time and strength of the sealed samples are basically unchanged in three months. In steel silo, steel library storage cement, will be a good cement grinding stored in steel silo, steel library storage cement outbound again 3 months, its physical properties are not too big change, bagged cement in the shipping department store, to contact with the atmosphere of cement bag (such as surface bags or cement bag punching) its setting time extended, and the longer the storage time of final setting time, the greater the influence of cement strength decline gradually, early falling fast, large range; In the later stage, the decrease of the strength was less than that in the early stage.
(2). the south cement storage Cement plant in bagged cement storage test, think: deposit early standard consistency water consumption changed little, but the storage time is too long, standard consistency water consumption increases; The coagulation time is obviously prolonged; The strength of the strength is not significant in one month. After three months, the strength decreases rapidly.
2. Cement storage conditions in winter For northern
Cment test showed that winter in the north section steel silo, steel library storage 3-6 months, the intensity has no obvious drop, the condition is: to be stored in airtight and dry steel silo and steel plate in the library; Should not be stored in a warehouse with heating equipment; The low temperature and dry air in the northern areas provide favorable conditions for cement storage, so it is feasible for the north steel plate warehouse and steel plate storage cement to be stored in 3-6 months.
3. The cement storage time on the properties of concrete
According to data of fresh cement within 12 d after the production, because of the dry degree is high. A fast early hydration, the additive adsorption quantity is big, smaller fluidity, and make concrete water demand increases, quick slump loss, setting time is short, but returns to normal after 15 d is used, the research point of view, when the use of cement in concrete engineering, should take note.

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