Heavy hammer level meter

Jul 23, 2018Keywords: Level meter, cement silo, power plant

 The advanced electronic device of heavy hammer level meter is controlled by intelligent motor. Each measurement cycle is started by lowering the hammer/cable assembly to the inside of the container. The amount of cable down/up is equal to the blank space distance between the measured starting point and the material surface below the W55 installation point. The distance was measured using hall effect detection technology and microcontroller timer circuit, and the measurement resolution was within 0.045".Magnetic technology is also used to detect contact with material surface. After the measurement data is refreshed, the motor runs in reverse and the hammer/cable is returned to the initial position. Achieve the purpose of media visualization and process automation. The distance is measured and calibrated during ascent.

Unlike other level meters, the measurement data of heavy hammer level meters will not be affected by the changes of sound, dust, light, color, dielectric constant, humidity and temperature.

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