Full Automatic Unattended System for Cement Plant and Cement Silo Project

Jul 30, 2018Keywords: unattended system

 Full-automatic Unattended system mainly include the Contract management system and WEB query system, Access control, Automatic Weighting system, Silo Bottom Quantitative loading system,Truck loaing management system.   
First the driver go to factory office to make card, the card will with the Company sales information, driver’s information and and the truck loading Quantity and material information etc. All the these information will be input in the Contract management system. 
Then swip card, and weight the empty truck weight. Bext, Stop the truck under silo bottom, swip card to start loading. And the Silo Bottom Auto Quantitative loading system will control the quantity and stop of laoding, then swip card and weight the truck again. After weighting give back the card and take invoice.  
The Contract management system including: Sales contract, customer credit management, contract execution management, real-time monitoring residual amount, sales receipts and credit standing book, real-time funds, detail, detail information of each car, unit statistics, material type statistics ,ect. 
We supply whole set equipment for the Full-automatic Unattended system, including outdoor reader camera, Displayer, Integrated control host camera, Control Card, Signal cable, Speech amplifier, Auxiliary material etc.  

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