Air compressor used for cement silo

Aug 07, 2018Keywords: cement silo,air compressor

 Air compressor principle: start the device is turned on, the motor into normal operation, the v-belt pulley driven compressor crankshaft, again through the connecting rod and crosshead, make the piston within the cylinder for reciprocating linear motion, when the piston check point to from outside can check point moves, the inside of the cylinder piston lateral under low pressure, gas through recent valve into the cylinder, when the piston from the check point to check point moves, intake valve closing, and raising the ability of gas in the cylinder is compressed. When the pressure exceeds the outside gas pressure of the exhaust valve, the exhaust valve opens and begins to discharge the compressed gas. When the piston reaches the outside check point, the exhaust is finished. Usually used in cement silo unloading system.

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