Patch type weight gauge

Dec 09, 2017Keywords:

 Patch type weight gauge

I.                     The problem of traditional material measurement

1. Warehouse is in bad environment and difficult to measure.

2. The physical and chemical properties of the material are different. One kind of potential meter can not measure all the media

3. Solid materials are unevenly stacked in the silo

4. Sensors are difficult to install, and the cost of design and installation is high

II.      Advantages and principles of patch type weight gauge

Principle: metal welding containers are mostly supported by supporting legs, beams, or skirts. In the process of loading and unloading the material into the silo, the elastic deformation of the supporting structure will occur. The pressure length of the supporting structure will be compressed and the deformation is restored after the release of pressure. The tensile force length of the supporting structure will be stretched, and the strain can be recovered after the stress is released. The shape variable of the load-bearing structure is proportional to the material quality of loading and unloading in a certain range. The patch type weighing level gauge utilizes the characteristic of force and deformation of support structure. It has very high sensitivity, it can accurately detect metal and its tiny deformation, and transform these deformation into weight value.


1. Easy to install

2. Maintenance convenient

3. Measurement precision

4. Low cost

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