Steel Silo Benefit Comparison

Oct 21, 2017Keywords: Steel Silo Benefit Comparison, SRON Steel Silo

The steel silo has the advantages of light weight, low requirement, (the average construction cycle is half of the steel reinforced concrete silo), small floor space, save artificial and low cost, the double plate will be adopted to make two different material of inside and outside wall, which can reduce the construction cost. At the same time, the construction of steel silo is basically not affected by the season, weather and other factors, the use of enterprise can quickly obtain good economic benefits. According to the actual calculation, compared to the same capacity steel reinforced concrete silo, the quantity of steel and reinforcement  is almost equal, the cement consumption can save about 2/3. The total weight of concrete silo is based on the high cost and high requirement, the total investment can reach to 15%~40%.

Prefabricated steel silos have large capacity, high degree of mechanical automation, scientific management, reasonable and networking, can effectively reduce operating costs, but also can be disassembled and replaced, easy to operate. (For the same position, concrete silos of small diameter, height, particle layer height is relatively high, storage management is difficult (such as ventilation or ventilation difficulty is not uniform, not up to the grain storage ventilation effect; The difficulty of phosphine fumigation is that it can't penetrate the deep layer; The particle layer is more difficult to detect in different parts of the food quality). Maintenance is difficult, especially in long time use, it's easy to crack, insulation and moisture-proof layer damage phenomenon, difficult to repair and maintenance will be more difficult.

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