Laege Capacity Steel Silo Have Solved Cement Storage Problem of Cement Production in Off-season

Oct 14, 2017Keywords: Large Capacity Steel Silo, Cement Storage, Cement Production

Large capacity steel silo can can ensure the storage quality of cement. Enterprises with different models can silos with different quantity and capacity to ensure the continuous production of equipment, and to meet the sales demand of high season by cheap storage way, maximize the benefit of enterprises. With short Construction period and low investment, can solve the problem of off-season storage in a short time. The cost of packing and sealing can be saved. Suitable for each kind of land condition, and through pneumatic conveying send to workshop, convenient for sale.

1.1   storage  parameters
Large capacity steel silo are made by  welding. effective straight diameter can be 30m, silo capacity can up to 50000ton, the whole silo are an integral welding unit, with perfecting performance.  he most solid silo type in all silo type with more thick steel plate than other silo types. The structure of the steel plate is shown in figure 1.

suitable for storing bulk cement

 Large capacity steel silo with perfect sealing structure, the cement storage performance  performance  are better than bag cement storage . cement storage bag can only extend the cement storage period to 3 months, while the large steel silo storage section is large, the effect is good, which can increase the cement density during storage period, in the silo steel plate wall are tight air isolation, which is almost be vacuum seal.

1.3 silo body  Production Requirements and Material Consumption
The gravity of large steel silo is completely accumlated on the  ground,besides the silo bottom need do the foundation treatment, due to the counterpressure of the accumulated cement, besides the discharge channel and the tadal layer, the special treatment is non-essential for the silo bottom. The silo body welding  belongs to lapping,  supporting reinforcement measures is non-essential.Beside the shaped steel pipe of global-roofother also doesn't have no use for special reinforcement.

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