Pulse single bag filter

Oct 09, 2018Keywords: pulse single bag filter,cement silo

 The working principle of the pulse single bag filter is as follows: the dusty gas enters the filter chamber by the ash bucket (or the lower open flange), the coarse particles fall directly into the ash bucket or the ash bin, the dusty gas is filtered by the filter bag, the dust resistance is kept in the bag table, the clean air goes through the bag mouth to the clean air chamber, and is discharged into the atmosphere by the fan. When growing on the surface of the filter bag dust, lead to equipment resistance rises to the set value, time relay output signal or micro differential pressure controller, programmable device to work, one by one open pulse valve, make the compressed air through the vent to blowing soot cleaning of filter bag, filter bag balloon suddenly, under theaction of reverse airflow, attached to the dust bag table from the filter bag into ash hopper (or ash storehouse), dust by the discharge valve discharge. When all the filter bags are finished, the dust collector returns to normal operation.

Pulse single bag filter is a kind of automatic dust dust removal equipment of the structure of the monomer, this kind of bag filter in cement, mineral powder, mining, metallurgy, building materials, machinery, chemical industry, food processing and other industrial and mining enterprises widely used.

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