Large Scale Welded Silo With Capacity 8000ton-100000ton for Cement Fly Ash and Clinker Storage

Sep 26, 2018Keywords: Welded Silo

The large steel welded silo is a new concept of load storage silo. Therefore, the large welded steel silo is a major invention of bulk cement storage. It not only solves the problem of insufficiency in the safe storage and hot season of off-season cement, but also concentrates on the use of cement. , a collection of bulk transfer repositories. The welded silo is suitable for bulk cement and clinker, large particle material storage, power plant fly ash, mineral powder, aluminum powder, terminal transfer silo, building materials and other industries. Can not only save storage time, reduce storage loss, reduce land space, but also save a lot of investment in high-sealed safe storage.


1.The silo diameter of the welded silo can be designed to be 20-60 meters, which can be increased with special needs. The ratio of height to diameter is generally between 1:1 and 1:1.5.

2.The structure is unique: the welded silo body is cylindrical, the top of the silo and the bottom of the silo are spherical defects, and the base is a round bucket type.

3.Large storage capacity: single storage capacity of 1000-10000 tons.

4.  The construction time is short, usually completed in about 3 months.

5.  Advanced discharge system: the new aeration and pneumatic delivery system uses pneumatic pressure to transport the materials in the warehouse to the designated location.

6.  Less investment: The steel plate silo not only saves about 50% of building materials, but also saves land use area.

7.  Safe and reliable: The vacuum tightness is good, and the material can be stored for a long time to keep its performance index unchanged.

8. Energy saving and environmental protection: In the process of storage and delivery, the installation of dust collection system is adopted, which will not cause pollution to the surrounding environment.

9. A wide range of uses: not only can be used in cement, fly ash reserves, but also can store petroleum, chemical raw materials, food, feed and so on.

10. The process is perfect, the steel silo, the delivery rate reaches 95%.

11. Adding enterprise benefits, it is a tangible asset that benefits from investment for a long time.


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