Six inspection items you need pay attention to about slag powder silo

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Six inspection items you need pay attention to about slag powder silo 

In recent years, slag powder silo is more and more popular. With the continuous updating of technology and the continuous improvement of products, in the mineral powder industry, storage equipment is not stored in the open air, and environmental pollution can also be effectively controlled. Therefore, since the steel silo was established, it has been widely used in mineral powder industry. Then, after the mineral powder steel silo is put into use, regular maintenance and inspection are really necessary. Today, let's take a look at what aspects need to be paid attention to when checking slag powder silo?

1.Usually, pay attention to check whether the silo wall of the slag powder silo is deformed, and the connection of bolts on silo wall. If bolts are found fallen down, reinstall them in time.

2.During the inspection of slag powder silo, after silo powder is totally discharged out and the silo become empty, it is also necessary to pay attention to the sealing performance of the steel silo and whether the door frame and the adjacent steel plate are deformed or cracked. If such abnormal conditions are found, maintenance should be carried out in a timely manner.

3.Equipment inspection of slag powder silo. After the material is totally unloaded out from silo tanks, it is necessary to frequently check the connecting parts of hopper, welded parts, and the appearance of the hopper. If deformation or cracks are found, it is necessary to stop feeding in time to avoid more serious losses.

4.Regularly check the top of the slag powder silo every month, check whether the upper ring, process hole and other parts are normal, whether the bolts are loose, whether gaskets are damaged, if any problems are found, Please deal with it in time.

5.When inspecting a slag powder silo, we should also pay attention to check whether the appearance of the silo wall is corroded, and check the sealing condition of silo tanks. If a problem is found, take appropriate measures in time to deal with it.

6.Due to the alternating load used in the mineral powder steel silo, the welding seam of the silo body and the paint part should be checked every six months. If there is any problem with the welding on climbing ladders, corridors, or trestles, the deformed parts should be repaired and welded in time, and the rusted places should be treated with anti-corrosion in time so as to prevent rust from expanding.

The above is the place you need pay attention to during the inspection of slag powder silo. The daily inspection work is very important, and it is related to the quality of silo tanks and their service life. Therefore, the staff should pay attention to steel silo inspection work.

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