How to Use and Maintain Bolted Steel Silo

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How to Use and Maintain Bolted Steel Silo

Bolted steel silo is a commonly used grain storage silo, but do you know how to maintain silo to prolong its service life after silo construction?

First, you shall observe the following requirements: 

1.Steel silo shall meet the national quality standard and it can be put into use after passing trial running. 

2.Air tightness of bolted steel silo body shall comply with the national technical requirements. Air tends to leak out from the joints on silo wall, so good air tightness shall be ensured. 

3.It is not allowed to load excessive grains which may block the vent holes and the holes of the axial flow fan on steel silo roof. When grain height is higher than silo door, it is not allowed to open the door. 

4.Although the grain is piled in the center of steel silo when feeding into silo, the grain height shall not be higher than the column eaves on silo roof. Material level meter shall be in normal use.

5.Bolts used for steel silo installation shall be standard bolts produced by regular manufacturers, and substitute bolts are not acceptable. 

6.The silo body is not allowed to change and cut without permission, including drilling holes and welding seams. 

7.You shall try to prevent the bolted steel silo body from cracking and deal with the corrosion of galvanized parts and painted parts in time.

8.Stay away from the bolted steel silo in a thunderstorm to prevent lightning strikes.

Second, have a regular inspection of the following parts in the daily use of steel silo.

1.Frequently check deformation situation of assembly steel silo wall and the bolt connection status of the stiffener silo wall plate. If bolts are found to fall off,  reinstall them immediately.

2.Check the assembly steel silo roof on time every month, check whether the upper ring, process holes and other bolt joints are intact, whether the fastening bolts are loose, and whether the gasket is damaged. If the gasket is damaged, replace it in time.

3.After discharging assemble steel silo equipment and unloading the empty silo, you should always check the sealing of the silo, the door frame and adjacent peripheral side panels, and whether the reinforcement is deformed or cracked, and maintenance methods should be adopted according to the actual conditions.

4.Check the surface rust and its sealing conditions, and promptly maintain if any problems are found.

5.Because of the alternating load working condition of assembly steel silo, check the weld joints and painted parts of silo body every six months and repair the deformed parts of ladders, corridors, and trestle bridges. An anti-corrosion treatment shall be made on corroded parts in time to prevent the rusted parts from spreading.

A scientific and careful maintenance helps to reduce repair rate of grain steel silo and extend its service life.

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