The Application of Steel Coal Silo and Silo Feeding and Discharge Process

Aug 13, 2018Keywords: steel coal silo

 Coal is a necessary fuel and raw material for power,chemical and building materials industries. With the development of the coal industry, it need the construction period of the coal production line be shorter, and the construction period of the traditional concrete coal silo is far from enough to meet the production demand. The steel silo is light in weight, short in construction period, economical in investment, energy saving and environmental protection, and also has excellent anti-seismic performance. Thus the steel silo has been widely used in the storage and transport of coal, cement, grain and chemical industry.

 I. Several Discharging Methods of Steel Coal Silo

Due to the poor fluidity of granular coal, the discharge method of steel silo is the key problem that must be solved first.For steel silo with diameter of more than 20m,must use the multi-point discharge device. For the silo with a diameter of less than 20m, generally use the inverted cone outlet discharge method at silo bottom, the cone wall angle should be more than 45 °, whice is good for coal discharge. The inner wall of conical outlet adopts abrasion-resistant cast stone veneer to increase abrasion resistance and reduce friction resistance.

 II. The Silo Feeding and Outlet Way of Steel Coal Silo

The steel coal silo feeding way adopt common belt conveyor or  tubular belt conveyor, which mean the belt conveypr conveying the coal to silo top, and then through the silo top belt conveyor, send the coal into silo.  Coal flow out silo through 50 ° inverted cone at silo bottom,then flow into the silo bottom  belt conveyor. Electronic belt scales are installed on the top of the silo discharging belt conveyor to facilitate proportioning of coal.

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