Structural composition and working principle of cement storage silo

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Structural composition and working principle of cement storage silo

Composition of cement storage silo

Cement silo (tank) consists of the following parts: steel structure of silo for cement storage, ladder, guardrail, feeding pipe, cement silo dust collector, pressure safety valve, high and low level meter, discharge valve, etc.

Structure of cement silo(tank)

The cement silo for sale is cylindrical structure, and its bottom is supported by four round pipe legs to support the whole silo body. The whole silo is made of steel structures which are welded welded together; and silo roof is equipped with cement silo dust collector and pressure safety valve.

Working principle of cement silo for sale ( silo tank)

1.When the cement silo (tank) works, it must be erected by a special crane and then put on top of the prefabricated concrete foundation. Then check the perpendicularity of the cement silo (tank) after it is erected, and then weld cement silo bottom with the  embedded parts of foundation firmly.
2.After the cement silo is fixed, transport cement to the site with the bulk cement truck, and then connect the conveying pipeline of the bulk cement truck with the feeding pipeline of the cement bin (cement tank), and the cement in the tank is transported to the cement silo (tank), then cement will be conveyed into silo through the gas pressure in the bulk cement truck.
3.During the process of conveying cement into cement silo, the operator should press the button of the vibration motor of cement silo dust collector uninterruptedly to shake off the cement attached to the dust collector bags to prevent bags from blocking and silo from bursting.
4.Once bags are blocked, the pressure inside the silo exceeds the safety pressure of the pressure safety valve on cement silo roof, the pressure safety valve can be opened to release the pressure inside the silo to prevent silo from bursting.
5.Observe whether silo is full or lack of material through a high and low material level meter.
6.When the material in cement silo needs to be discharged, first open the manual discharge valve at the bottom of silo hopper, and then cement would be transported out by cement conveying device. In the process of discharging material, if "arching" appears, press the button of the solenoid valve of the arch-breaking device in time to blow air to eliminate the "arching", so as to ensure the smooth supply of cement.
7.When the cement conveying device fails, first close the manual discharge valve at the bottom of the cement silo hopper to prevent the cement from overflowing and causing waste.

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